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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment

Gladstones Cocaine Rehab programme treats Cocaine Addiction very seriously. As far as dangerous Substance Addictions can be reckoned on a sliding scale, Cocaine and Crack rank very high up on the list. Not least for an ability to profoundly alter the quality of an addict and their family’s lives. Often quickly and significantly for the worse. You really are playing with fire when you “dabble” with Cocaine.

The Road to Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine acts as a strong central nervous system stimulant by increasing endorphin levels in the user’s brain. With regular use, this can quickly alter the brain’s natural chemical reward-based mechanisms and lead to addiction in a very short time. The road to cocaine rehab is paved with a white powder known by many names around the world. Street slang includes: charlie, nose-candy, coke, snow, Colombian marching powder, white, gianluca, crack, base, freebase, rocks, stones, white, and bones.

Cocaine is both highly addictive and relatively expensive to purchase, creating a “Perfect Storm” of addiction-related consequences that may quickly add up to a major and costly dependency problem. The ripples of consequences and affect often extending far and wide. Lifestyle priorities may alter, and relationships, family, work and other social activities enjoyed by the addict can begin to take second or third place as they race to satisfy an insatiable need for more chemically induced stimulation and false reward. In extreme cases, it is not unusual for an addict to steal from family members in order to feed their addiction. This is something most of them would have believed simply impossible before arriving at the “end of the line” of addiction. And for the lucky ones, a good cocaine rehab to help them mend their ways before the curtain really sets.

Symptoms of Cocaine Dependency and Abuse

Psychological symptoms of Cocaine addiction can include psychosis; a condition associated with extreme mood swings, paranoia, confusion, lack of concentration, depression, and in extreme cases, hallucinations. Physical symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, heart palpitations, muscle tremors and shakes.

If you or a loved one using cocaine are experiencing any of the above symptoms, consider talking to an expert about the benefits of private cocaine rehab in a residential setting.

Health Risks of Long-Term Cocaine Dependency

Long term abuse of Cocaine can lead to a host of physical (neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory) consequences, including; seizures, stroke, coma, incontinence, convulsions, heart diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks, altered heart rhythm, chest pains, chronic lung diseases like bronchitis and even ruptured or collapsed lungs, weight loss and malnutrition brought on by lack of appetite.

It would also be unwise to ignore the patterns of risky behaviors which often go hand in hand with Cocaine dependency, like an increase in general risk-taking, ranging from gambling to practicing unsafe sex. In this regard, there is also an increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis.

Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal and detox from hard drugs like Cocaine and crack cocaine is usually an unpleasant experience for the addict (and the people around them). There are a host of physical and psychological hurdles that must be crossed before the addict’s drug cravings recede, and if the process was easy, there would be little need for cocaine rehab clinics like Gladstones.


It is normal to expect acute levels of anxiety, paranoia, irritability, depression, repetitive and compulsive behaviors, and in extreme cases, agitated delirium, psychosis, hallucinations and Formication – the sensation of insects crawling under the skin.

Unfortunately, it is often the case for most addicts to hit the “withdrawal wall” where they will want to just retreat back into the comfort of their addictions rather than face the consequences of abstinence.

This pattern is particularly deadly when the addict is left to their own devices to manage their detox and withdrawal as a solo enterprise. This is why a medically supervised private residential cocaine detox increases both the likely hood of successful detox, and also ensures the physical safety of the client by supporting their efforts with 24/7 experienced and caring support staff who have years of experience helping others in exactly the same situation.

As part of our cocaine rehab treatment model we provide a short course of medication that will help the body through the adjustment phase, gently riding it of toxins. This will make the drug detox as comfortable as possible, helping the client to reach the Primary Care phase of rehabilitation.

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