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Gladstones Clinic Locations

Gladstones Clinic, nestled in the Cotswolds and easily accessible from London, Birmingham, Bristol, and Cardiff, offers a sanctuary for substance addiction and mental health treatment. The clinic boasts twelve luxurious, private bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, in a setting designed for tranquility and healing.

Specialising in small-group therapies, the facility includes personalised treatment spaces and communal areas for relaxation. Expert chefs provide nutritious, tailored meals, enhancing the recovery experience. In short, our residential facility is equipped with everything needed to make your stay comfortable and relaxing so that you can focus on recovery.

Additionally, Gladstones operates two newly-opened non-residential clinics in London and Cornwall, offering daycare for rehab and mental health disorders. These centres provide the same extensive range of therapies and support services as our residential clinic and also act as a contact point to the rest of the Gladstones community who have successfully completed their primary rehab at our Cotswolds facility. 

With three locations dotted around the southern UK, Gladstones Clinic continues to expand its reputation for bringing affordable and professional substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment to more people.

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