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Bristol Head Office

Gladstones Clinic Bristol is now our head office and helpline hub where our experienced, friendly and understanding staff answer all enquiries personally. We work with our detox, primary and secondary care clinics in London and the Cotswolds so that Clients can maintain their recovery within the Gladstones Treatment model throughout the entire process.

Gladstones is much more than just a drug rehab or alcohol rehab. Our approach to treating mental health, drug addictionalcohol dependency, substance abuse and behavioural addictions and disorders is unique. We strategically apply traditional as well as tested integrative therapies aimed at healing the body, mind, soul and heart.

Once an admission has been agreed we hold your hand through the process and will arrange pre-admission assessments as well as PMI funding assessments with our consultant psychiatrists as needed.

From what you should bring to what you should expect from treatment you will be guided and supported until your arrival at one of our Clinics.

The Services We Provide

Our Bristol Clinic recovery model is able to administer the following addiction recovery programmes throughout the detox, secondary, tertiary and aftercare phases of rehab: Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Most programmes begin with an intensive, medically supervised detox period lasting two weeks. The whithdrawal period rids the body of toxins in a safe and secure environment surrounded by experienced and compassionate care-givers.

We closely monitor each client 24 hours a day and are able to ease them through the most uncomfortable periods while offering support and encouragement throughout.

Residential Primary Care

The intensive primary care phase of rehabilitation is where the work of lasting recovery takes place. Each day is packed from beginning to end with a series of one-to-one and group counselling sessions, cognitive and dialectical behaviour therapies, transactional analysis, and creative psychodrama.

Gladstones combines traditional and integrative therapies in our clinic,  so expect to encounter meditation, acupuncture, body-work, diet and nutritional advice.

Bristol’s Primary Care services currently fall under the Cotswolds Clinic.

Residential Secondary Care

Supportive Residential Secondary Care offers the best chance of long-term and permanent recovery from addiction without relapse. The secondary stage is crucial in supporting and guiding those tentative first steps back into the community. Clients remain focussed on the internal personal and group dynamics of their recovery over an intense four week period.  The secondary stage reinforces the previous lessons learned in primary care and ensures that the client has a network of activities, guidance and counselling to prepare for a sober and drug-free life on their own again.

In most cases, this secondary stage takes place in conjunction with our sober-living residential accommodations. Individual client circumstances and support networks are taken into consideration however.

After successfully completing secondary care, clients are prepared to accept self-responsibility and personal control of their own lives with confidence and conviction.

Transitional Programmes

Transitional Programmes are designed to provide clients with the necessary therapeutic guidance and support networks to successfully adjust back into every day life on their own after rehab.

Programmes are individually tailored and may include counselling for the individual and or their family, doctor appointments, regular check-ins, outpatient treatment, SMART meetings and possibly even sober-living accomodations. Most clients have already left residential rehab at this point and use tertiary treatment as a source of support in the early days of their return to life outside of the “safe zone” provided by 24 hour a day rehab care.

Transitional programmes encourage the cultivation and enhancement of lifestyle gains and independence learned in previous stages of rehab. Reconnection with friends and family, educational classes, returning to work and other life-affirming activities are the ultimate goal of this phase of treatment.

The transitional stage may be administered through inpatient or outpatient protocols, depending on the needs and abilities of the client.

Free Aftercare!

Finally, all clients who successfully complete a rehab programme at Gladstones are welcome to attend FREE Saturday Morning Aftercare group for life.

These meetings are incredibly beneficial to all clients and encourage them to continue to maintain their lifelong commitment to drug-free and sober-living and resist any temptations to relapse back into their previous destructive patterns.

Integrative Treatment For Addiction

Gladstones Clinic adheres to an abstinence-based treatment philosophy. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are allowed during treatment.

Group and one-to-one counselling sessions are assisted by cognitive and dialectical behaviour therapies. In combination, these therapies allow the client to continue to examine and process the root causes of their addiction, and take the necessary steps to ensure truly lasting recovery. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to face one’s inner pain, heal those scars, and then re-enter normal life with its’ many temptations and challenges. The supportive environment, tools and skills learned in our secondary and tertiary programmes ensure that our clients are prepared to face the world again on their own and remain drug and alcohol free.

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