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London Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Gladstones Clinic is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible substance addiction rehab and mental health disorder treatment services to all those who need it in the southern UK. With our recently opened non-residential facility in London, we’re one step closer to achieving this goal. This brand-new centre serves a dual purpose: to act as a daycare treatment hub for various substance addictions and as a support base for those who have concluded their 28-day residential rehab programme in our Cotswolds facility. 

Non-residential rehab and mental health services

If your daily responsibilities and obligations make it difficult to commit to full-time residential rehab, Gladstones Clinic steps in with individually tailored treatments built around your schedule. 

Our London facility offers non-residential treatment programmes for substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health disorders designed to work around your schedule. This means not having to choose between addressing addiction or mental health disorder and being able to meet your responsibilities. 

What's the difference between the London and Cotswolds clinics?

The primary difference between these two clinics is that our Cotswolds clinic is a live-in residential clinic, while our London location offers day-to-day treatment programmes.

For many, taking four weeks off from work or being away from their dependents to seek substance addiction rehab or mental health disorder treatment services simply isn’t a viable option. Although we fully believe that live-in residential treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders delivers the most consistent and desirable long-term results, Gladstones Clinic steps up to assist those who simply cannot take this step. Our London clinic offers the same high level of compassionate and expert services as our Cotswold clinic in a day-to-day format, going out of our way to design effective treatment programmes that fit into your schedule. 

Additionally, our London clinic acts as a community hub for patients who have completed their residential stay at our Cotswolds location. From here, we orchestrate our secondary and tertiary care efforts for our patients based in London and organise regularly scheduled online and in-person group therapy sessions. With free and unlimited lifetime access to Gladstones Clinic for all former residential patients, there’s always help just around the corner when you’re feeling vulnerable, at risk of relapse, or simply looking for a caring and understanding community to slot into. 

Seeking daycare for substance addiction, eating disorders, or mental health services in London?

Contact Gladstones Clinic for an open and honest discussion of your needs, schedule, and how our individually tailored services can help you reclaim your passion for life. 

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