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Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Care and Aftercare Programmes

While the cornerstone of Gladstones addiction and mental health disorder rehab treatment involves a focused 28-day residential stay, the journey towards and complete and long-term recovery doesn’t end there. We understand that reintegrating into daily life can present unique challenges, whether it be in the form of reconnecting with loved ones, finding gainful and fulfilling employment, or navigating the complexities of daily life.

Recognising the challenges of this transition, and in keeping with our commitment to complete and full recovery, Gladstones offers a continuum of care designed to support you every step of the way. Our secondary treatment, tertiary care, and aftercare programmes include ongoing therapy sessions, access to support groups, vocational guidance, and access to clean and sober living facilities. These services help our patients regain their footing while at the same time preventing relapse through a strong and supportive network with easy accessibility to our resources.

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Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment overview

Secondary treatment commences the moment you leave the supportive environment of our primary care facility. This critical phase is designed to guide you through the often-tumultuous transitional phase back to normal life.

During secondary treatment, you will no longer be living at our primary care facility; however, you will still have access to our resources, therapists, and therapies. Depending on your needs, you may return to your home, or opt to reside at the Gladstones Centre or Secondary Unit, ensuring a safe, confidential, and positive setting conducive to recovery. 

Secondary treatment, like primary treatment, is tailored to each patient’s individual needs, and you will receive a unique actionable plan that combines reintegrating with a community and ongoing therapy, both in a group and one-on-one setting.

Our secondary programme spans a minimum of four weeks, and includes partaking in a range of activities that promote holistic recovery alongside clinical therapy. These activities could include college courses, vocational training, sport, music, volunteer work, collaborative group tasks, or other activities that forge a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Beyond these offerings, our clinic emphasises the importance of building and maintaining supportive networks and communities. We’ll guide you through the process of forging connections that provide encourangement and companionship through this transitional phase and beyond. 

Take the first steps back to autonomous living
Develop new skills and explore new opportunities
Progress at your own pace with a safety net in place
Build confidence in your ability to live a clean and fulfilling life
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Tertiary Care

Tertiary care overview

Tertiary care relates to both therapeutic and non-therapeutic care and services we provide to our patients well beyond the typical timeframe offered by most rehab clinics, often extending up to two or three years post-treatment.

Even after successfully completing secondary care and beating both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, some patients struggle to rebuild their lives the way they want to. Lingering damage caused by substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, and intrusive thoughts might all contribute towards poor integration, increased stress, and increase the chances of relapse, threatening to undo your hard-won progress.

Our tertiary care programme helps people maintain and reinforce sobriety by providing services promote a more fulfilling life. While tertiary care is not necessary for everyone, it is an invaluable resource for those who need it, offering:

  • Assistance in finding support groups
  • Ongoing individual and family counselling
  • Regular ‘check-ins’
  • Out-patient treatment
  • Access to long-term sober living accommodation (supported housing)
  • Skill-building and development assistance
  • Physicians appointments
  • Access to councelling it times of vulerability or crisis
  • Extended assistance in achieving a balanced and rewarding life

With Gladstones tertiary care programme at your disposal, you can expect years of ongoing, individual, and dedicated care.


Aftercare overview

At Gladstones Clinic, our commitment to your recovery extends far beyond your stay with us. Our unrivalled aftercare programme is a testament to this commitment, providing free and unlimited lifetime access to relapse prevention services to all former patients.

How is aftercare different from secondary and tertiary care?

Although secondary, tertiary, and aftercare programmes all aim for a permanent and full recovery from substance abuse, mental health problems, or eating disorders, it is the secondary and tertiary treatments that include structured participation and ongoing support from Gladstones. These treatments ensure access to sober living facilities, skills development programmes, social development opportunities, and all other benefits previously mentioned.

Aftercare has a single and targeted focus: ensuring that all Gladstones patients have life-long access to addiction specialists and support groups when and as needed. 

How does aftercare work?

Gladstones Clinic offers both in-person and online aftercare sessions on a regular basis. We open our doors to all former patients to join our group therapy sessions every Saturday morning and host online therapy sessions on Tuesday evenings. These sessions are an opportunity to help remind you of how far you’ve come, find support and compassion if you’re feeling vulnerable, and also to inspire those still seeking treatment.

We understand that recovery is an ongoing journey. We also know that everyone recovers at their own pace. Our aftercare programme ensures that you never feel alone or unsupported. Whether you join us in person or online, we’re here to reinforce your commitment to a clean life and offer support whenever you need it.

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Written By Stuart Croft
Reviewed By Tiffany Green
Medically Reviewed By Wajahat Choudhry
Updated January 12, 2023

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