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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cornwall

Expanding on our mission to provide affordable and accessible rehab and mental health care across the southern UK, our recently opened non-residential treatment facility in Cornwall operates both as a primary care facility, and a home base for those who have successfully completed their residential rehab and treatment at our residential clinic in the Cotswolds. Here, former patients have access to our extraordinary secondary care, tertiary care, and aftercare programmes.

Non-residential rehab and mental health services

Our Cornwall facility provides the same integrated and holistic substance abuse, eating disorder, and mental health disorder treatment programmes as our primary facility in a non-residential/daycare setting. With many unable to attend full-time residential treatment due to responsibilities they have to meet, non-residential rehab and psychiatric treatment become the best option.

In addition to pre- and post-detox primary care, our Cornwall location also provides the following substance abuse rehab, eating disorder, and mental health disorder therapies:

What's the difference between the Cornwall and Cotswolds clinics?

The only difference between these two Gladstones clinics is that we provide live-in residential treatment facilities at our Cotswolds location, while our Cornwall clinic provides day-to-day treatment programmes.

There is strong evidence that residential rehab for substance abuse provides the most consistent and long-term positive outcomes; however, the reality of the fact is that not everyone can take four weeks off for rehab or mental health treatment. When family or work responsibilities and other commitments exclude this as an option, Gladstones steps in with the same specialised and holistic treatments offered on a day-to-day basis. By tailoring your treatment to fit in with your schedule, we can provide the same quality of care at any of our facilities.

Our Cornwall clinic also acts as a central hub for our secondary care, tertiary care, and aftercare patients in the Cornwall and Devon regions. Regularly scheduled online and in-person group sessions, free of charge for all former Gladstones residential patients for life, provide the opportunities to get immediate help if you’re feeling vulnerable or at risk of relapse, and to remain a part of the supportive and caring Gladstones community.

How can Gladstones Clinic help you overcome substance abuse or mental health disorders?

If you have any questions about facilities or treatments in Cornwall, feel free to call us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Gladstones Clinic: Helping Cornwall overcome
addiction and mental health disorders

Gladstones Clinic provides more than just substance abuse and mental health disorder services. We provide a wide range of additional services that help families and friends secure treatment for their loved ones, engage with the family to make them a part of the recovery process, and deliver continued support for life. 

Intervention Services

At Gladstones, we provide expert intervention services designed to facilitate and implement interventions with a higher success rate than attempting such measures independently. Our seasoned specialists in addiction and intervention are well-versed in navigating the frequently ignored challenges of interventions, significantly enhancing the likelihood of your loved one recognising their need for help and pursuing it.

Family Therapy

Healing from addiction is expedited when the entire family is involved. Our Family Workshops and Wellness Programmes have assisted numerous British families in restoring trust, fostering more supportive environments for recovery, and learning how to contribute positively to their loved one’s rehabilitation journey. We have observed that families actively participating in the rehabilitation process greatly increase the chances of their loved ones—be they parents, siblings, or children—successfully overcoming addiction for the long term.


Our aftercare programme is second to none, with all former clients being automatically eligible to join our lifelong aftercare services. Any former patient who feels vulnerable, uncertain, or at risk can reach out to us at any time for support, guidance, and counsel. Our clinics are open for in-person sessions on Saturdays and also offer online counselling throughout the week.

More about Gladstones Clinic

Our Addiction Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy, one that’s proven itself to be effective and achievable over the last 20 years, is centred around a holistic approach to rehabilitation. It combines medical and psychiatric therapies, modern counselling techniques, and proven alternative therapies to address all  aspects of addiction, helping our patients rejoin society as healthy, capable, and independent individuals. 

Addiction affects each individual differently. Applying a standardised set of therapies, a one-size-fits-all solution to therapy, simply isn’t effective as it doesn’t take underlaying and co-occurring mental health disorders into consideration. A holistic approach, one that involves a multi-disciplinary team of skilled and experienced recovery workers who take the time to uncover the root causes of addiction and develop personalised treatment strategies, consistently provides the best long-term outcomes.

We focus on the disconnection treatment model, aiming to equip our patients with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required for long-term sobriety and happiness. To achieve this, we rely on a variety of treatment models that include Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies (CBT & DBT Therapy), group and one-on-one counselling, and transactional analysis.

Our philosophy thus boils down to: Addiction is complex and personal. Effective treatment requires holistic and individualised therapies and strategies.

This philosophy, along with along with our incredibly talented staff’s willingness to act, has been instrumental in our journey of helping thousands permanently recover from substance addiction over the past two decades. 

Residential Detox and Rehab in Cotswolds

Despite many of our clients finding success in dealing with substance addiction and mental health disorders at our daycare clinic in Cornwall, there are situations when a 4-week residential stay at a specialised detox and rehab facility is the better option. If you or a loved one have tried daycare and failed or a substance addiction has reached the point where it may cause irreparable harm, getting away from it all in a specialised, safe, and calming environment can be a new start.

Our 12-bed residentail detox and rehab facility, located just 3 hours from Cornwall, offers safe and effective substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment. Each patient can expect a light and airy, fully furnished private room with an en-suite bathroom, clean and well-kept shared spaces, and a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. 

Proper nutrition plays an important role in holistic health. Imbalances may cause cravings and adverse psychological effects, unnecessarily complicating detox and recovery. Our experienced and talented chefs prepare three fresh meals daily, and put out healthy snacks and refreshments throughout the day. Furthermore, as long-time employees at Gladstones, they are experienced in cooking for patients from all cultural backgrounds, ensuring that all culinary practices and restrictions are catered to.

While leaving the clinic during detox and the first few days of primary care is forbidden, we do take regular trips to nearby parks, gardens, and other recreational areas with patients whose conditions have stabilised. 

Looking for effective and accessible drug and alcohol rehab services in Cornall?

Contact Gladstones Clinic today for more information on our daycare options in Cornwall, or residential treatment options in the Cotswolds. 

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