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Residential Treatment Programme

Addiction of any kind is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon. While some people manage to beat their addictions themselves, with or without the help of professional support, residential inpatient addiction treatment remains the best option for maximising your chances of successful long-term rehabilitation. 

Gladstones residential addiction rehab programmes offer you the chance to receive life-changing treatments and therapies from addiction specialists with combined decades of experience in a safe and secure setting.

While each patient can expect to receive individualised care based on their specific needs, substance addiction treatment typically involves two separate and distinct phases:

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Gladstones Clinic Detox

Drug or Alcohol Detoxification (Detox) Overview

Detox involves cleansing the body of all remaining toxins or drug and alcohol metabolites since the last use. Depending on each patient’s unique situation, this step can range from mild to severe discomfort and anxiety. Gladstones Clinic is licenced to provide medical intervention in the form of specialised ‘detox-drugs’ where necessary. Nobody enjoys detox, but our dedicated and compassionate staff will be with you every step of the way! 

Although the detox process for various substances shares some common goals, the experience differs between alcohol detox and that of other drugs. We’ve highlighted these key differences below. Please note that these are generalisations and that each patient will receive care based on their specific requirements.

Alcohol Detox

Typical detox timeline: 3-7 days, but can be longer in severe cases.

Severity of withdrawal symptoms: Often severe and occasionally life-threatening. May include tremores, seizures, hallucinations, and delirium tremens. Varies greatly between individuals.

Medical intervention: Detox may necessitate the use of anti-convulsive medications for seizures and antipsychotics for hallucinations.

Other common issues: Chronic alcohol abuse frequently results in malnutrition and gastrointestinal complications. These concerns are addressed during detox by ensuring patients receive proper nutrition and adequate hydration.

Drug & Substances Detox

Typical detox timeline: Varies from drug to drug, with stimulants having the shortest timelines of roughly 3-5 days, and opioids detoxing within 5-10 days.

Severity of withdrawal symptoms: Often experienced as severe but less likely to be life-threatening. Varies from drug to drug, with opiods typically presenting the most severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medical intervention: Methadone or buprenorphine for severe opioid withdrawal. Other drugs typically don’t require life-saving medical intervention, only medication for the direct treatment of uncomfortable symptoms such as insomnia or depression.

Other common issues: Individuals with a long history of drug abuse frequently experience heightened anxiety and depressive symptoms during detox. To alleviate the psychological burden, we provide continuous support and encouragement.

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Gladstones Clinic Intensive Therapeutic Programme

Intensive Therapeutic Programme Overview

Gladstones Clinic offers an intensive therapeutic programme that encompasses a wide range of addiction treatments and therapies spanning a minimum of 28 days, tailored to individual needs. With over two decades of experience, our team of qualified addiction specialists has refined our approach to be holistic, integrative, person-centred and rooted in evidence. We’ve successfully aided thousands from diverse backgrounds, helping them understand the underlying causes of their addiction, discover constructive ways to manage their compulsions, identify and counteract self-destructive triggers, and ultimately transition to a life of happiness and health, free from the shackles of addiction.

Intensive Thereapeutic Programme Treatments

While each patient’s individual treatment programme is tailored to their background and needs, modern addiction rehab treatment typically centres around a core set of tested and trusted treatments. Your addiction rehab treatment at Gladstones Clinic will most likely involve a combination of:

One-on-one therapy offers a safe and personalised space for addressing the complexities of your addiction. Under the guidance of an experienced psychologist who specialises in substance abuse, you can expect to have open and honest conversations about your experiences, challenges, and triumphs related to addiction. 

These judgement-free sessions allow our patients to develop increased self-awareness, a sense of accountability towards themselves, and discover coping mechanisms to rely on for a future that doesn’t rely on substances. By tracking your progress and setbacks closely and developing individualised treatment strategies for all our patients, our addiction specialists provide frontline addiction treatment through one-on-one therapy.

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Group therapy involves the open and honest discussion of issues surrounding addiction in a small group. It’s a powerful tool in the fight against addiction as it allows the participants, led by an experienced addiction expert, to share their experiences, setbacks, and successes.

This open sharing in a safe space, free from judgement, allows you to get feedback and perspective from others who really understand the struggles of addiction. This perspective, more than anything else, is invaluable for self-awareness and growth. Other benefits of group therapy include increased accountability, building a long-term support network, and the opportunity to address co-occurring disorders and mental health problems.

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We are more than just a mind, and the treatment we receive in rehab must reflect this. In the context of addiction rehab, holistic therapy refers to non-medical treatments that address the ‘whole’ individual – mind, body, spirit, and emotions. They’re the treatments that cultivate peace, enrich our experience of life, and return joy after the trauma of addiction.

Gladstones Clinic is incredibly proud of the wide range of holistic therapies that we offer. Activities such as guided yoga and meditation allow our patients to find inner peace and connection; acupuncture and therapeutic massages promote healthy circulation throughout the body; and physical activities such as nature walks release natural feel-good endorphins.

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When a family member is struggling with addiction, more often than not, the entire family can benefit from support and therapy. Family therapy sessions assist everyone in understanding the mechanisms of addiction, ways of supporting their loved ones and help them avoid triggers, and allows them to deal with the trauma of seeing a loved one in addictive decline.

Beyond its physical toll, addiction strains the mind and relationships and introduces chronic stress, mistrust, and disappointment. With the expertise of seasoned family therapists, these wounds can transform into understanding, forgiveness, and renewed affection. Family therapy not only aids the healing process but strengthens the family bond, fortifying it against future challenges.

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Effective drug and alcohol rehab treatment hinges on a number of factors, including the therapy team’s ability to apply therapeutic models most relevant to the patient’s individual needs.

With a vast myriad of named, studied, and approved therapeutic modalities in use in rehab clinics around the world today, choosing the right combination of therapies is easier said than done. For this reason, Gladstones takes the time and effort required to determine which therapies, for example, CBT, DBT, or any number of other possible options, are right for you.

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