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Specialist Services

Being a leader in substance addiction, mental health issues, and eating disorder rehab therapy means more than simply providing top-notch primary and post-intensive therapy treatment. 

The ability to help families and friends plan and execute successful interventions, provide specialist treatment options to teenagers, offer bespoke substance abuse treatment options that go far beyond the ordinary, and be flexible enough to offer day-treatment and online therapy programmes all contribute to our reputation as a premier rehab services provider and a leader in long-term and complete recovery.

Teenage Therapy

Few things in life are as terrifying as watching your child spiral into addiction. In this situation, acting quickly and decisively is of critical importance, as delaying professional help for substance abuse in teenagers can lead to dire consequences. 

Since 2012, Gladstones Clinic has been helping teenagers recover from substance abuse, eating disorders, mental health problems, and other self-destructive behaviours. Our teenage rehab programme is designed to empower your child to regain control of their life by addressing the root causes of their challenges and working closely with the entire family to create a nurturing and supportive environment for everyone’s growth and healing.

Teenage substance abuse and self-harm can be difficult topics to openly discuss; however, our dual approach of focusing on both the biopsychological aspects and family dynamics of addiction can reignite your teenager’s passion for life and help the family grow and recover as a whole.

Bespoke Therapy

In addition to providing affordable and accessible luxury rehab with well-appointed, private en-suite bedrooms, elegantly designed therapy rooms, and beautiful shared spaces, Gladstones Clinic also offers bespoke rehab services that offer maximum comfort, discretion, and effectiveness.

Each bespoke rehab journey is distinct and designed to immerse you in an environment of exclusive luxury. Private havens with personalised care from dedicated therapists, gourmet chefs, fitness consultants, and round-the-clock support staff are all part of the Gladstones bespoke therapy experience. 

Indulge in a wide array of supplementary holistic therapies designed to reduce stress during treatment. Enjoy therapeutic massages, acupuncture, equine-assisted therapy, art & music therapy, aromatherapy, and many more while consulting with discreet, expert, and experienced addiction specialists in a luxury setting. 


Intervention Services

Getting a person who needs treatment for substance abuse, eating disorders, or mental health issues to actively seek treatment is often easier said than done. Denial of the problem, stigma and shame surrounding their condition, or the fear of consequences all contribute to this reluctance. When done correctly, an intervention can be the crucial push needed for someone to pursue professional treatment before reaching a crisis point or rock bottom.

It’s important to note that interventions are delicate and, if not handled properly, can lead to unintended consequences, including deepening existing resentment and distrust, heightened anxiety, and a decrease in the likelihood of your loved one seeking help.

Gladstones Clinic’s years of experience in assisting families and friends with interventions can significantly increase the chances of your loved one agreeing to enter treatment. With firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in an intervention, our professional guidance ensures the intervention is sensitive, respectful, and effective.

If you’re considering an intervention for a loved one, the support of experienced professionals is invaluable. 

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Day Treatment

With the understanding that live-in residential rehab treatment, while highly effective, might not be feasible for everyone, Gladstones Clinic is proud to offer a versatile and effective day treatment option that recognises the challenges of balancing treatment with family responsibilities and work commitments. 

Our highly personalised day treatment programmes are designed to cater to both your specific condition and to fit seamlessly into your schedule. We can arrange both private and group therapy sessions from once to five times a week, ensuring that your treatment remains structured, supportive, and impactful without disrupting your ability to meet your responsibilities. 

The personalised nature of day treatment at Gladstones means that all of our therapy models will be available to you, with the option to partake in supplementary holistic treatments like therapeutic massage, yoga, and acupuncture.

We believe that managing personal and professional responsibilities should not be a barrier to receiving specialised addiction treatment. Our day programme, with many patients having successfully turned their lives around, is proof that effective rehab treatment can be integrated into your daily life. 

Online Therapy Programmes

If in-person treatment options like inpatient residential treatment or day treatment don’t fit your circumstances, Gladstones Clinic is still here for you. We are committed to providing accessible and effective therapy for those battling substance abuse, mental health problems, and eating disorders, regardless of where you are or what your schedule looks like. 

Our online therapy programmes are tailored to offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring that you receive the support you need while continuing to manage your daily responsibilities. These programmes are ideal for those who cannot travel to a Gladstones Clinic, deal with ever-changing schedules, or prefer the privacy and comfort of receiving therapy from home. 

While participating in online therapy means you won’t have direct access to our supplementary holistic treatments such as therapeutic massages or guided yoga, our flexibility allows for a hybrid programme that includes both online and occasional in-person therapy sessions, providing a comprehensive and adaptable treatment experience. 

Care After Treatment

Ongoing care and access to resources after primary treatment form a critical component of any integrative and comprehensive rehab programme. 

Successfully reintegrating into society, managing stress and everyday challenges, and socialising in a healthy way can be intimidating without a support system in place. Gladstones Clinic offers a range of aftercare treatment options, including continued non-residential secondary therapy, tertiary therapy designed to improve your quality of life after treatment, and lifelong access to our in-person and online aftercare programmes. 

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