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Cotswolds Clinic

Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds is a fully residential, 12 bed drug and alcohol detox and primary care rehab facility located on the edge of the Cotswolds. Like our parent centre in Bristol, this dedicated private addiction rehab and treatment centre is broad spectrum. We confidently and successfully treat addictions to substances as well as behavioral compulsions and disorders. Our detox and rehab programmes cater for alcohol, and drugs like heroin, ecstasy and cocaine as well as other common behavioral disorders like eating disorders, gambling addiction or sex and porn addiction.

Our Cotswolds Residential Rehab Programmes

We provide the following residential detox and rehab programmes at our Cotswolds clinic:

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Integrative Treatment Model For Addictions & Disorders

The team at the private, residential Cotswolds rehab clinic apply the same treatment modalities and therapies currently employed at our Bristol clinic.

There is an emphasis on integrated therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy and group and one-to-one counseling. Diet, nutrition, and complimentary therapies like acupuncture and meditation provide firm foundations for future independence from addiction.

Constructive coping mechanisms and strategies for dealing with life in a healthy way are essential to lasting recovery without relapse.

Intensive Private Detox & Primary Care Rehab

The Cotswolds Clinic provides intensive, residential detox and primary care services for the rehabilitation of addictions and disorders.

Treatment takes place within a spacious and well appointed, fully detached converted farmhouse on its own private grounds. Maximum client numbers are limited to the number of private residential accomodations (12), so there is always a feeling of personal attention to detail and concern.

Group counselling sessions have that “small group” feeling that allows for intensive introspection and self-appraisal. Care and attention from staff is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clients are encouraged and supported throughout their stay in a peaceful, abstinance-based environment. The tranquil and recovery-focused nature of this private residential rehab programme eliminates unwanted distractions and temptations.

Private Residential En-Suite Rooms

Each of the 12 fully furnished residential accomodations benefit from en-suite bathrooms.

This privacy is important during the drug and alcohol detox phase of treatment. Rooms are bright and airy and have all been recently decorated and appointed with contemporary fixtures and fittings.

Due to the layout of the extensive property, all the rooms have a feeling of sanctuary from outside noise and disturbances.

Diet & Nutrition Support Recovery

Diet and nutrition are key elements to mental and physical well-being. All meals are prepared on-site in a fully fitted modern kitchen and food is served in a lovely, clean and bright dining room three times a day.

We place a great deal of importance on the quality of all locally sourced ingredients. Client’s individual needs and preferences are catered for as much as possible. The Gladstones kitchen is something to be excited about for sure.

Food allergies and intolerances of all kinds can usually be accommodated with ease.

Relaxation & Downtime

After a rewarding days work, clients need somewhere to relax and unwind. The relaxation area at the clinic is comfortably appointed and benefits from a flat screen TV, DVD player, board games and books.

Clients are encouraged to use the reading, outside patio and relaxation areas and make them their own during their stay at Gladstones Cotswolds Clinic.

Relaxation time is an essential part of the self-care which is promoted throughout our therapies.

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