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Anger Management Rehab Treatment

Written By Stuart Croft
Reviewed By Tiffany Green
Medically Reviewed By Wajahat Choudhry
Updated January 11, 2023

The ability to control your anger and react to stressors in a healthy, non-destructive way is a critical skill for maintaining good mental health. Those who struggle with this regularly experience frustration and dissatisfaction with life, leading to a decline in one’s mental well-being as well as trouble maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. In addition to the isolation that this may cause, routinely overreacting to innocuous situations also takes a physical toll. Anger causes a rapid and dramatic increase in blood pressure, which, over time, can lead to an increased risk of poor cardiovascular health, immune system impairment, and digestive problems. It may also contribute to other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Gladstones Clinic offers specialised anger management rehab treatment programmes designed around each patient’s unique set of conditions and therapy needs. Our highly skilled and experienced team of psychologists and recovery workers can identify and address underlying issues that contribute to poor anger management skills, whether stemming from psychological, biological, or environmental factors. With over 20 years of experience helping patients reclaim a sense of peace and fulfilment in their lives, Gladstones Clinic is the ideal partner for helping you overcome anger management problems.

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What causes anger management disorder?

Anger management, like so many other recognised mental health disorders, can manifest as the result of several contributing factors. A tendency towards heightened emotional responses to stress, neurotransmitter or neurochemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, brain injuries, and conditions that affect the central nervous system have all been identified as biological factors that contribute to the development of anger management problems, while psychological causes could include factors such as coexisting mental health disorders, past trauma, and a poor understanding of healthy coping strategies.

There are also a number of environmental or situational factors that could lead to the development of anger management problems. Examples of these include learned behaviour from family members who frequently express anger when not called for, substance abuse problems that affect the ability to react to stress in a healthy way, or major life changes such as sudden unemployment, divorce, or bereavement.

When to seek treatment for anger management disorder?

Anger management problems cause frequent and often intense episodes of uncontrollable anger or even rage at problems or situations that do not warrant such an invested emotional response. Left untreated, one could quickly find oneself isolated from others who do not wish to trigger this response. This isolation and further anger at the world and its imperfections can quickly lead to depression, anxiety, frustration, and a general sense of dissatisfaction with life.

If you or a loved one has experienced these symptoms of anger management disorder, please consider seeking professional medical help to regain a sense of calm and control over your emotions.

What happens in anger management disorder treatment?

1. Assessment & Personalised Treatment Plan

Gladstones Clinic’s anger management rehab treatment programme starts with an in-depth assessment of your mental health profile, identifying the combination of factors that have contributed to you seeking treatment for anger management issues and other coexisting mental health disorders. This allows our specialist anger management team to design a tailored treatment programme designed to provide the best possible outcome by addressing all aspects of your anger management disorder.

2. Behavioural Therapies

Behavioural therapies are the core component of anger management rehab treatment at Gladstones Clinic. While each patient’s exact combination of therapies is built around their needs, treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) are widely used in this space to help our patients understand their anger management disorder at all levels and address negative thought patterns that contribute to unnecessary bursts of anger.

3. Addressing Underlying Issues

Gladstones Clinic is committed to an integrative and holistic approach to all therapies. This means we go beyond treating just the symptoms of anger management and instead work tirelessly to address any underlying and deep-seated issues that contribute to the development of, or develop as a result of, this mental health disorder. By focusing on past traumas, resultant depression, and other issues, we can provide our patients with mental health services that comprehensively deal with all aspects of their disorder for a full and long-term recovery.

4. Aftercare and Ongoing Support

Recovery from a mental health disorder doesn’t necessarily stick to a predetermined timeline. For some, continued support and aftercare form critical components of lasting recovery. At Gladstones, we go out of our way to ensure that all former patients have access to exceptional aftercare and ongoing support services to ensure that help is always at hand when needed. Our dedicated approach ensures that you are never alone in your journey towards managing anger and achieving emotional stability.

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With personalised care and treatment, comfortable and relaxing facilities, and a 20-year track record of successfully treating our patients’ anger management disorder and other mental health disorders, Gladstones Clinic is the ideal partner to start your journey to recovery. 

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