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Gloucestershire Drugs & Alcohol Rehab Clinics

Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds offers world-class drug, alcohol, other substance abuse, and addictive behaviour rehabilitation. Our Cotswolds clinic is located a mere 20-minute drive from Gloucester, where our highly trained addiction rehab specialists have helped numerous people overcome their addictions, start rebuilding their lives, and rediscover the joys of a life without the consequences of addiction.

The Gladstones Cotswolds Clinic is a fully residential, 12-bed primary care facility where we apply the cumulative knowledge and expertise we’ve built up over a period of more than 20 years. Our broad spectrum, integrative, and non-12-step treatment approach administered in a comfortable, caring, and nurturing environment is time-tested to be an effective solution in the quest to regain control of your life.

Whether you are looking for help in beating your own addictions or reading this while trying to find help for a family member or loved one, Gladstones Clinic stands ready to provide all the support, compassion, and encouragement needed to break free from addiction and move towards a happier and contented life.

Gladstones Clinic Residential Rehab Programmes

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Our Treatment Philosophy

Over 20 years of experience dealing with a wide range of addictive behaviours has allowed us to create a treatment philosophy that can best be described as abstinence-based, integrative, and holistic. We combine proven medical and psychiatric therapies, modern counselling techniques, and tested alternative therapies (meditation, yoga, and reflexology among others) into a single strategy that aims to identify and work on the root causes of each individual client’s addiction.

The causes of addiction are exceptionally complex and, in almost all cases, include a multitude of contributing factors. At Gladstones Clinic, we don’t believe in off the peg solutions, but instead, take the time and effort required to get a detailed understanding of each client’s specific needs, then use this to create individualised strategies for dealing with their addiction. This means we’ve moved away from the ‘chemical hook’ model as the primary cause of addiction and instead focus on the ‘disconnection model’, allowing us to offer more unique solutions for unique addictions.

Typical therapeutic strategies would contain a range of therapies, ranging from small group counselling, one-on-one counselling, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapies (CBT & DBT Therapy), and transactional analysis. This philosophy of identifying the root causes of addiction for each client and then creating a personalised strategy to deal with them is one of the many factors that has led to our outstanding long-term rehabilitation success rate.

Private Residential Detox and Rehab

Gladstones Clinic can offer private residential detox and rehab services to the people of Gloucestershire at Cotswolds clinic. This facility offers focused and intensive medically supervised care in a comfortable, nurturing residential setting. We know that detox and rehab can be a trying and difficult experience and have taken every possible step to make the process as easy, comfortable, and seamless as possible. This means that we only accept a limited number of patients at any given time, providing them with a more relaxing and stress-free environment without the additional stress associated with seeing a bunch of new faces every day.

Our primary care facilities are staffed with highly trained and experienced addiction specialists who are available around the clock to provide counselling, medical intervention, and encouragement through both the detox and rehab phases of your journey to recovery. A considerable number of our employees have undergone rehabilitation programs, with some of them attending Gladstones, and as a result, have attained high-ranking positions within our organisation. The personalised care provided by individuals who have firsthand knowledge of addiction, thanks to their own rehabilitation experiences, makes the detox and rehab process more manageable and comfortable, resulting in a higher likelihood of success.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Committing to rehabilitation is the first critical and brave step someone with a substance addiction can take; however, even the most dedicated person who’s undergone the absolute best of treatment might fall victim to relapse or back into old behaviours in a moment of weakness or vulnerability. This makes having a good aftercare and relapse prevention programme a critical component of any rehabilitation clinic, and Gladstones’ is second to none.

We offer all of our former clients lifelong access to our aftercare services. Anyone who has gone through our programme is welcome to come talk to us if they’re feeling vulnerable, need support or advice, wish to talk to an understanding ear, or simply want to be part of a community of caring and compassionate people who understand their situation. Our clinics offer in-person and online aftercare services.

Our lifelong commitment to our clients’ well-being and successful long-term addiction recovery is another factor that sets us apart as one of the top rehabilitation service providers in the UK.

Support for Families

It is very common to see the families of those suffering from addiction share in the harm caused by substance abuse. Whether directly through neglect or abuse or indirectly by means of financial difficulties, substance addiction has the power to harm both the addicted and their loved ones. Gladstones Clinic has made it a big part of our ethos to provide family-focused services that help families recover from addiction as a unit by helping them understand addiction, coping mechanisms, and rebuilding lost trust.

We provide support for families by means of Family Counselling and Intervention services.

Family Counselling

Dealing with addiction in a family member gets the best results when the whole family understands the nature of addiction and can help provide a supportive and nurturing environment. This helps to help facilitate rehabilitation after the client leaves our clinic and can reduce the risk of relapse. Our Family Workshops and Wellness Programmes have helped numerous families achieve this, and, in the process not only help their loved ones overcome their addiction, but also help the family rebuild trust and love for one another.

Specialists Intervention Services

While we all hope that someone struggling with substance abuse might come to realise the harm they are causing to themselves or their loved ones, this unfortunately isn’t always the case. Often, an intervention might be necessary before someone sees the damage they are causing. That being said, interventions by nature are stressful situations, and when they go wrong, could cause more harm than good. Having an addiction and intervention professional by your side to help plan and execute the intervention could dramatically increase the chances of your loved one accepting that they need help.

Gladstones Clinic’s specialist intervention services can be of great help in planning and executing an intervention. Our experienced intervention specialists can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that cause interventions to go wrong.

If you are planning an intervention, feel free to contact Gladstones today at 0808 258 2350 to receive professional and experienced assistance.

Private Rooms & Fully Catered: More about our facilities

Drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation is often an uncomfortable and painful experience. Our bodies respond violently to being deprived of the chemicals they’ve become dependent on, causing severe discomfort and a host of other negative side effects. Going through this process in a calming, relaxing, and restful environment can make it much easier to deal with, and we’ve made sure to make Gladstones Clinics as rehab-friendly as possible.

All of our rehab clinics around the country are well-equipped and furnished to make your stay with us as comfortable and productive as humanly possible. A big part of this is our insistence on small-group facilities, meaning you will share your recovery experience with only a handful of others with the same goals and motivations. Many of our clients make lifelong friends and build support networks with the people they meet at Gladstones.

While clients cannot simply come and go as they please –for obvious reasons– we’ve done our best to make our facilities people-friendly. They’re light and airy, and have outdoor spaces to relax and get some fresh air. After the detox phase and the first few weeks of primary care, we occasionally take trips to nearby parks and other recreation areas to catch some sun and enjoy being outside for a bit. Family members and your supportive friends are welcome to visit on Sundays.

Regarding food and nutrition, we take good care of our clients. We understand that insufficient nutrition can result in undesirable psychological effects and desires, so we have a team of full-time professional chefs who ensure that our clients are provided with sufficient, tasty, and nutritious food. We offer 100% homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to fruits, snacks, drinks, and other refreshments throughout the day. Our chefs are skilled in preparing a variety of cuisines and accommodating various dietary restrictions, considering the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our patients.

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