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Gladstones Rehab Clinic

With two locations located less than a 40-minute drive from the Wales/England border, Gladstones Clinic offers professional, experienced, and recognised rehabilitation services to those struggling with drug, alcohol, or other addictive behaviours. Our clinic makes use of a time-proven broad-spectrum, integrative, and non-12-step approach; and our long-term success rate speaks for itself.

Our clinics offer inpatient rehabilitation services in a comfortable, caring, and nurturing environment where we take care of all our clients’ physical and other needs. Our clinics offer fully private rooms with all the features, amenities, and services you’ll require to make your detox and recovery process as comfortable as possible. We only cater to small groups at a time to ensure that each client gets the best possible service without the disruptions and distractions of large numbers of ever-changing people coming and going.

If you or someone close to you requires expert assistance in overcoming harmful behaviours that are impacting your health, family, happiness, career, or overall perspective on life, then read on to discover why Gladstones Clinic is the right choice for you.

Gladstones Clinic Residential Rehab Programmes

Gladstones Clinic provides rehabilitation services for a wide range of addictive behaviours. To find out more about our medically supervised detoxification, rehabilitation, recovery, and support programmes, click on the links below.

Our Treatment Philosophy

With years of treatment experience, we’ve developed and refined medical- and evidence-based treatment options for a variety of addictions that can best be described as integrative and holistic addiction rehabilitation. We’ve combined proven medical and psychiatric therapies, modern counselling techniques, and tested alternative therapies into the Gladstones Approach. For over 20 years, this approach has helped countless people shake their addictive behaviours permanently.

With addiction being such a complicated and multi-faceted phenomenon, it’s important to note that one single therapy or approach simply won’t do in the vast majority of cases. As such, we take an individualised approach to therapy, taking the time needed to understand each patient’s specific triggers, root causes for addiction, and therapeutic needs to create unique solutions for all.

Depending on the client’s needs, treatment would typically consist of a combination of medical and psychiatric assessments and diagnoses, followed by a combination of Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapies (CBT & DBT Therapy), group and one-on-one counselling, and transactional analysis.

These therapies aim to expose the root causes of addiction, from which we can apply the ‘disconnection treatment model’ (as opposed to the more outdated  ‘chemical hook ’ model), and other psycho-dynamic techniques to clear blockages and provide coping strategies. These could include practices such as meditation, yoga, and reflexology .

Private Residential Detox and Rehab

Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds and Bristol are private-room residential rehab clinics with the goal of permanent drug-, alcohol-, or other substance abuse and addictive behaviour rehabilitation. We strictly offer limited availability to ensure that our rehab services remain focused and intensive. Our highly qualified and experienced rehab specialists provide round-the-clock support and encouragement to all our clients, making our in-house treatment options all the more effective. We specialise in the primary care phase of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a medically supervised residential setting.

Our primary care treatment includes small group counselling sessions that allow for intensive self-appraisal and introspection, supported by a range of other intensive and personal therapies.

A number of our staff have successfully managed to overcome their own addictions –some of them at Gladstones– and have since then moved into senior positions with us. This means that our staff are uniquely equipped to fully understand the difficulties of overcoming addiction and can offer compasionate care rooted in a deep understanding.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Deciding to get professional help in dealing with drug, alcohol, or other substance addiction is the first step towards a happier, healthier you. That being said, even the best rehab services might fail down the line in the absence of long-term support and aftercare.

Gladstones Clinic offers exceptional lifelong aftercare services for all our former clients. Anyone who has undergone our treatment process is welcome to come back if they’re feeling vulnerable in a time of crisis, at risk of relapse, or simply wish to be part of an understanding and compassionate community. Our clinics offer in-person and online aftercare services, meaning you’ll never have to feel alone in the dark after setting off on the lifelong journey of recovery with Gladstones Clinic.

This lifelong commitment to our clients is one of the many factors that set us apart as your long-term recovery partner.

Support for Families

More often than not, the victims of substance abuse include more than just the individual substance user. Many of our clients come from the whole range of British families structures. Whether it be from neglected or harmed relationships, financial issues, or other types of consequences of addiction, these families also suffer from substance abuse and very often need help in recovering from the trauma.

Gladstones Clinic is proud to say that we offer a range of services and support structures to help put these families back together.

Family Counselling

We like to encourage the families of those undergoing direct treatment at our clinics to be part of the healing process. To facilitate this, we offer Family Workshops and Wellness Programmes where families learn more about the nature of addiction, interaction strategies, and coping mechanisms. This not only puts the family in a better position to help their affected family members go through a successful rehabilitation process, but also helps the family heal and avoid certain patterns of behaviour that could negatively affect the rehab process or cause relapse down the line.

Specialists Intervention Services

It’s often the case that an individual substance user is hesitant to seek professional help. This could be caused by a range of factors, such as feelings of hopelessness, fear, or simply a denial of their addiction. In these cases, Gladstones Clinic offers specialist intervention services to help plan a successful and smoothly-running intervention. Making use of intervention specialists can dramatically increase the chances of an intervention leading to someone accepting the harm they are causing to themselves and their loved ones,  and seeking and accepting professional help.

With so much on the line when an intervention becomes necessary, getting the right outcome can be the end of a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal illness. We encourage anyone reading this to seriously consider professional assistance if planning an intervention.

If you are planning an intervention, feel free to contact Gladstones today at 0808 258 2350 to receive professional and experienced assistance.

Private Rooms & Fully Catered: More about our facilities

Successful rehabilitation hinges on more than just good therapists and therapeutic practices. Undergoing therapy in a calming, restful, and stress-free environment also plays a big role, especially during the difficult detox phase. Gladstones Clinic has taken every step to ensure that we check all of these boxes.

Our clinics are equipped with everything you will need for a stay that is both comfortable and productive. We deliberately keep our facilities on the smaller side to create a more intimate and private atmosphere where you can focus on your recovery without the stress of constantly meeting new people. At the same time, you won’t feel isolated either, and many of our clients walk away having made friends and acquaintances that last a lifetime.

While, for obvious reasons, we cannot simply allow our patients to come and go as they please, we also understand that feeling cooped up in the same building for weeks on end is counterproductive towards creating a relaxing atmosphere. After the first few weeks of therapy and a successful detox, we’ll take occasional supervised trips to nearby parks or other recreational areas to get some sun and fresh air. Our doors are also open to visiting family members and supportive friends on Sundays.

As far as food and nutrition go, you’ll be well taken care of. We know that nutritional deficiencies can cause unwanted psychological effects and cravings, so we have full-time professional chefs on staff to ensure that all our clients eat good food, enough food, and delicious food. We provide 100% home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as fruit, snacks, drinks, and other refreshments throughout the day. With patients coming from such a rich and diverse set of backgrounds and cultures, our chefs are experienced at cooking a wide range of cuisines and catering to pretty much every dietary restriction.

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We have complete faith in our team, expertise, and procedures, and we are certain that we are the best option to assist you or your loved ones in starting the journey towards healing and guiding you until the end.

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