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At Gladstones our inpatient programme is just the beginning of making the necessary changes required to live a happy, sober life. The initial period following intensive treatment is the most crucial point in our client’s recovery, and offers the greatest potential for relapse. This is why at Gladstones we remain committed to helping our clients beyond this challenging period for as long as they require.

Saturday Mornings Aftercare for Life

All clients who successfully complete one of our Treatment Programmes is invited to participate in Saturday Morning Aftercare Group at our Clinics. This is a complimentary service that they may attend for life free of charge, and is in addition to any other Aftercare Programme the client may choose to adopt.

Each aftercare program is tailored to our client’s individual needs to greatly reduce the potential for relapse when they return home.  We find clients are more likely to be successful in maintaining abstinence if they are involved in recovery activities on a long term basis. Without support, accountability, or a reminder to stay focused, it’s all too easy to slip back into old behaviours.

Aftercare Bridges the Gap

Our clients have the freedom to select a program that adapts to their ever changing requirements. This could include regular day or evening group meetings, individual counselling sessions, or both, as well as the option of extended stay in a less structured environment in our accommodation in Bristol for those in need of a gentler transition back into the world they left before coming to Gladstones.


Our aftercare programs are aimed at providing our clients with the skills and confidence they need to bridge the gap between rehab and society.

Having regular contact with counselling services and support encourages the client to stay clean and honest.

Because the initial period after rehab presents the highest chances for relapse, a monitored half-way Aftercare program yields the most successful and permanent recoveries.


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