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Alcohol Detox Rehab Treatment

Written By Brian Davis
Reviewed By Tiffany Green
Medically Reviewed By Dr David Barker
Updated January 11, 2023

Residential Alcohol Detox is the absolutely crucial first step a physically dependent alcoholic must make when they arrive at our residential detox clinic.  The importance of this inner cleansing can not be underestimated. Many who desperately want to stop drinking find it difficult, if not impossible due to the often horrendous alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can accompany the sudden stopping of chronic alcohol abuse. Our team of medically qualified alcohol detox specialists monitor and support each client 24/7 during this period. We know that it equips them with the best chance of achieving a full recovery from their addiction and dependency. This abstinence-based detox programme combines cutting-edge, integrative medical, psychological, psychiatric, cognitive-behavioral and alternative therapies to equip our clients with every chance of a successful and lasting recovery from alcoholism.

Medically Supervised Residential Alcohol Detox

Initially, each of our clients is clinically assessed on an individual basis to determine the most appropriate medications and therapies for their unique circumstances. Comprehensive medical supervision, including experienced support staff, will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gladstones Clinic will ensure that the alcohol detox period is made as comfortable and emotionally supportive for our clients as possible, ensuring they transition smoothly to the next stage of their rehabilitation.

Medication alone does not stop the drinking or using drugs, which is why we combine this with other customized strategies and emotional support to help stop addictive and self-destructive behaviours. The medication simply helps our patients to feel better while their body readjusts to not having alcohol and or drugs in its’ system in order to feel “normal”.

The alcohol detoxification programme will be reviewed on a daily basis and adapted as necessary to respond to each client’s individual physical and emotional needs.

What to Expect From Alcohol Detox

Many of our clients have experienced, or have a fear of facing the often awful sick feelings, trembling, sweating, emotional panic and cravings associated with alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Additionally, unsupervised Alcohol Detox can be dangerous for alcoholics. Their bodies have actually become physically addicted to alcohol. Suddenly stopping can trigger potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, such as Delirium Tremens (DTs) which can include hallucinations, anxiety and vomiting.

The experienced and compassionate team at  Gladstones Clinic provides our clients with a tailored, safe, comfortable, medically supervised alcohol detox programme in a relaxed and supportive residential environment. You can view a selection of former client testimonials that attest to the quality of staff support, guidance and personal attention our clients receive under our care.

The primary goal of the alcohol detox programme is to rid the body of toxins at a safe and comfortable rate. This prepares our clients mentally, emotionally and physically for the rehabilitation stage that follows. Some clients cope quite easily, while others will find it more physically and/or emotionally challenging . No matter the client’s reaction, we have been there before and know exactly how to adapt and respond to individual circumstances. In cases of severe problem drinking and Alcohol Dependence, many clients request and are administered a short course of medically prescribed medication. This can help reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with the body learning to release its’ dependency on alcohol.

Ultimately, the hard work and determination to succeed will have to come from deep within the client, but they will each receive unparalleled support, compassion and attention throughout their recovery process and beyond. Call us today free-of-charge if you have any questions regarding our private residential alcohol detox programme or the clinic itself.

The dangers of unsupervised alcohol detox and withdrawal should never be underestimated.  You are taking your life in your own hands, and anyone considering attempting it on their own should first seek professional medical advice.

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