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Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment

Gladstones Rehab Clinics offers a residential rehab programme for alcoholism that applies abstinence-based, integrative treatments and a non 12-step philosophy as part of our treatment model.

Alcohol Dependency is a disease that can easily become life threatening. The characteristic that usually defines alcohol abuse,  or alcoholism, is that the problem drinker has lost control of their use and may repeatedly drink more than intended. They do this despite the undeniable social and health problems that result.

An alcoholic’s drinking problem may cause them to miss work, school, or important events, in favour of drink-related activities. They may suffer extreme symptoms of withdrawal when they try to stop drinking. Symptoms can range from sweating, nausea, vomiting, irritability, tremors, insomnia, anxiety, to in extreme cases, hallucinations and the DT’s. This makes quitting cold turkey on your own very difficult without a structured rehab treatment plan in place.

Alcoholism is a progressive condition with many causal issues to consider. The underlying factors that cause a person to lose control include genetic, physiological, psychological and social components.

The Dangers of Long-Term Alcohol Abuse

Abusive drinking over a prolonged period of time can damage almost every part of your body. The resulting health problems can include heart disease, organ damage, stomach problems, brain damage, cancer, reproductive problems, liver cirrhosis, memory loss and mental health issues.

Alcohol Dependency affects not just the person drinking,

it affects family members and everyone close to the alcoholic. Partners and children of the problem drinker are more likely to suffer psychological scars, physical abuse, violence, neglect and increased risk of injury or death in alcohol related accidents and assaults.

We work with alcoholics and their families on a daily basis in our residential rehab clinic. We have seen the damage done to everyone involved. We apply our years of experience with the latest integrative treatment models and therapies in our highly successful practice.

Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease

Alcoholism, thankfully, is a treatable disease and you can get help to stop drinking for good. At Gladstones Clinic, we offer integrative, as well as holistic residential alcohol rehab treatment options to our clients. This unique combination of strategies is able to best support them in their battle to achieve lasting sobriety and permanent recovery from addiction. Initially, a Medically Supervised Alcohol Detox is the first stage of treatment. 

Detox is critical to ensure the best chances of successfully completing one of our intensive primary treatment programmes. Because of the health risks involved in suddenly stopping, our medical team and support workers will closely monitor your vital signs 24/7. Their encouragement, personal experiences and support will help the client to manage any unpleasant alcohol withdrawal symptoms they may experience. We will help to make the detox as painless as possible by administering a short course of medication, but the hard work and determination to succeed must come from the client.

A successful residential alcohol detox is essential to long term recovery from addiction, and to the next phase of the treatment plan. Entering Primary Treatment free of physical cravings or tremors will allow the client to focus completely on rehabilitation and learning new habits and coping strategies for a sober future.

Alcohol detox and withdrawal should never be taken lightly.  It is a potentially life threatening process and anyone considering attempting it on their own should seek professional medical or addiction recovery advice first.

The “Road to Recovery”…

Once the detox is complete, our experienced rehab team at Gladstones will assess each client in order to determine the best approach to take in creating their Primary Treatment programme to keep them off the drink for good. Each program consists of a combination of treatments and can incorporate intensive psychotherapy sessions and education around drug & alcohol use. 

Subjects including the dynamics of addiction and the health effects drinking will have on the body if one continues to abuse it.

We employ individual one-to-one counselling, group counselling, CBT, meditation and nutritional advice specific to each situation. We also offer other alternative and holistic therapies such as shiatsu and acupuncture that we feel may benefit the client in becoming healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.Our client’s days will be packed from beginning to end as they are asked to look deeply inside themselves for the root cause of their addiction.

Our private residential alcohol rehab programme will require hard work and determination to succeed. One-to-one and group therapy sessions often force clients to deal with and accept deeply hidden memories or traumas that must be brought to the surface.

Throughout it all, clients will be supported and encouraged by an entire team of therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, doctors and support workers who are all dedicated to the patient’s recovery.

Please see our Client Testimonials for further insights into the healing experience at Gladstones.

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