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Intervention Programmes

Getting the person who suffers from addiction into treatment is often easier said than done. Family members, partners and friends of the individual have often tried begging, pleading, arguing, threats, nagging, crying and yelling in a desperate attempt stop them from repeating dangerous behaviours without much effect. Gladstones does not want family and friends to lose hope and give up on their loved one, as there is professional help available. Treatment is often dangerously delayed in the mistaken belief that the person has to hit “rock bottom” before help is sought. Intervention Programmes can be highly effective ways of getting your loved one to see the problem, take action and end years of unnecessary suffering now.

What is a Drug & Alcohol Intervention?

The purpose of an intervention is to get your loved one to see how their behaviour is affecting their lives and the people they love most and to encourage them to seek further help, usually in the form of entering an intensive treatment programme. However, if an intervention is not conducted properly, the damage can be devastating. The presence of a Gladstones professional interventionist can greatly increase the chances of a successful intervention and can be a loving and caring way for the family and friends to encourage their loved one to take steps towards recovery. With the support of Gladstones’ experienced and compassionate intervention therapists, your loved one is more likely to hear and respond to the concerns of their family and friends positively and rationally.Gladstones’ intervention specialists are highly trained and experienced in the proper execution of interventions and can assure the highest chance of a successful intervention. 

They prepare for any obstacles or complications that will inevitably occur. Having our professionals oversee the planning and management of the intervention allows the concerned friends and family to focus on what’s important for them, getting help for their loved one.

Individually Tailored Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Every Gladstones intervention is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual involved. They are generally designed not as a confrontation, but a respectful invitation for your loved one to accept help and enter treatment. It is vital to present the facts, in a sensitive forum that promotes reason, clarity, and hope for the future. When this is combined with the support of the people that care for the person most,

 it is often a powerful motivator for them to make the next steps towards recovery.

Gladstones’ specialists will determine what plan of action will be most suited to the individual, depending on their degree of willingness. Sometimes all it takes is a frank, open discussion over the phone between them and one of our experienced therapists to get the ball rolling. Other times when faced with a more resistant client a more structured approach may be applied. This can involve amongst other things, a carefully constructed meeting between the concerned family and friends of the person, the therapists and the individual. Admission to treatment commonly occurs shortly after an intervention takes place and our team ensures suitable treatment is ready immediately following a client’s intervention.

Click the following link for more information on the types of Rehabilitation Services we provide to clients once they are in our care, as well as the types of addiction we have treatment plans for.

Family Support Throughout The Recovery Process

Our support for families does not end at intervention. The recovery process is an ongoing one. We understand that family members of our clients often need someone to talk to as well. For more information, check out our Family Support Services.

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