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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling gives clients the chance to talk to someone about their problems. This can be highly beneficial, as talking the matter through is a key element of the recovery process.

We provide one to one counselling for all issues. No matter what your background or the nature of your problems, we can assign you a personal counsellor who will be there as and when you need.

During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk to your counsellor about a variety of issues. This might include things that have happened to you in the past, personal feelings, relationship troubles and your fears for the future.

Discussing these matters with someone impartial to your situation can be extremely useful, and many find it a relief have somebody who is ready to listen. Many of our clients have been alienated from their loved ones, and even if you do have family and friends around that want to help, they are often too involved to be able to assist.

Individual Counselling Sessions

You need not feel worried or embarrassed about individual counselling sessions. You will never be judged and everything that is discussed will remain highly confidential. Your counsellor will not lecture you or tell you what to do. Rather your counsellor is there to listen and to help you understand how certain issues are affecting your life.

This will help to highlight fundamental problems that have led to a pattern of self-destructive behaviour, and sometimes just recognising these issues is enough to help you break the cycle. Other times it will present new resources and coping strategies, enabling you to face your difficulties.

Each session is one hour long and can take place as many times per week as you choose. All individual counselling sessions are held at the centre, providing you with a safe and secure environment in which you can talk openly about your problems.

If applicable, we can suggest other treatment programmes and therapies to use in conjunction with your counselling sessions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your recovery.

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To find out more about individual counselling sessions, please get in touch with us today. We will explain more about the process involved, and can suggest whether it is something you could benefit from.

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