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Luxury & Bespoke Rehab

Written By Stuart Croft
Reviewed By Tiffany Green
Medically Reviewed By Wajahat Choudhry
Updated July 27, 2023

For more than 20 years, Gladstones Clinic has been a leader in the UK drug, alcohol, and substance abuse rehab industry. We’re well-known and established in the rehab community, providing our clients from around the world with modern, evidence-based, and holistic rehab treatment services. Our luxury and bespoke rehab programmes and facilities take these services to the next level, providing the highest levels of customisation, discretion, and professionalism.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of people still carry around a negative stigma about addiction and rehab, and we recognise that luxury rehab is as much about discretion as it is about comfort and physical luxury. If your name appears in the media, you fear that public knowledge of your rehab might harm your interests or aspirations, or you would simply like to go through rehab in peace – Gladstones Clinic can be of service.

Luxury & Bespoke Rehab Explained

The terms luxury and bespoke rehab are often incorrectly used interchangeably. While certain elements overlap, there are distinct differences between the two.

Luxury rehab typically refers to rehabilitation centres that provide a high level of comfort, amenities, and exclusive services. Typically, one would expect luxurious and upscale accommodations and environments; high-end amenities and facilities such as gourmet dining options, spa services, fitness centres, swimming pools, and other recreational activities to promote holistic well-being; exclusive services such as personal concierge services, private transport, supporting therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or equine-therapy; and the highest levels of privacy and discretion. 

Bespoke rehab services, on the other hand, focus on creating custom treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. It also implies a certain level of luxury; however, is more focused on creating unique rehab experiences.

How does luxury rehab differ from traditional rehab?

While all types of substance abuse rehab aim to change long-term behaviour patterns and break the cycle of addiction for good, the amenities, comfort, and personalised services available in the luxury market segments create a few distinctions.

How does luxury rehab differ from traditional rehab?

While all types of substance abuse rehab aim to change long-term behaviour patterns and break the cycle of addiction for good, the amenities, comfort, and personalised services available in the luxury market segments create a few distinctions.

Traditional Rehab Luxury and/or Bespoke Rehab
Facilities and Accommodations
  • Focus on functionality over luxury
  • Private or semi/private rooms
  • Caters to group comfort
  • Beauty and luxury are important
  • Luxurious private rooms
  • Caters to the comfort of an individual or very small group
Services and Amenities
  • Essential services to make detox and primary care safe and comfortable
  • Limited availability of luxury services
  • Wide range of services to enhance the rehab experience
  • Luxury services and amenities such as spa, equine-based therapy etc.
Privacy and Confidentiality
  • All rehab staff have strict privacy and confidentiality policies and measures in place
  • Privacy and confidentiality aren’t guaranteed from other patients
  • Extreme focus on privacy and confidentiality. Could include the use of NDAs
  • Individual rehab can be arranged for utmost privacy
Customisation and Personalisation
  • Set programmes with some, but limited, customisation and flexibility
  • Depending on the service provider, could range from limited to unlimited. Bespoke rehab is more customisable
Staff-to-Patient Ratio
  • Changes between different providers, but staff typically see a number of groups or individuals at the same time
  • Very small staff-to-patient ratio, in some cases multiple staff members to a single patient
  • More affordable to make rehab services accessible to a broader range of individuals
  • Can vary immensely, but always more than traditional rehab
  • Location, staff, and optional therapies all quickly add up in costs

Primary Care Staff

The primary care staff, i.e., the physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and other qualified medical personnel that take care of clients in luxury or bespoke care, are often highly educated and experienced within their field. The increased costs associated with luxury rehab largely go towards paying these skilled professionals.

Services & Features

Rehabilitation facilities that target the luxury rehab markets usually have a luxury programme with set services and features in place, while others allow for a certain level of personalisation. Some common luxury and bespoke rehab services and features, outside the scope of high-calibre medical staff, include:

Modern holistic addiction therapy often includes alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga, or massage in its primary care programmes. Luxury and bespoke clients might have their own therapists or request something new during their rehab. Some other examples of alternative therapies include acupuncture, aromatherapy, dance/movement therapy, equine-assisted therapy, art/music therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy (MBSR). There are many more alternative therapies that could help one overcome addiction.

Long-term substance abuse is often associated with nutritional deficiencies. A trained, experienced, and private chef acting on the advice of a doctor or nutritionist can prepare delicious and nutritionally dense meals. Optimised (and delicious) nutrition aids detox and recovery by helping to reduce the cravings caused by malnutrition. 

The benefits of physical exercise cannot be overstated enough when it comes to making long-term changes to our lifestyles. A personal fitness coach during rehab can help you build personalised workout plans that set reasonable and achievable goals, train you to achieve them, and help you build positive associations with your body, health, and exercise that hopefully last way beyond the scope of rehab.

Fun and engaging recreational activities are not only physically stimulating but also serve as a distraction from negative thoughts and behaviours. After a successful detox, engaging in fun activities such as hiking, horseback riding, otherwise spending time in nature, or even fun activities at the treatment facility, helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

While addiction recovery should always be the primary goal, even during luxury rehab, time stops for no man. Certain individuals might need to stay in contact with their business or other interests and need access to their trusted staff at all times. Traditional rehab services generally would not make this concession.

Medical Overview

Substance abuse is first and foremost a health issue. No amount of money spent on luxury and bespoke rehab programmes will yield any sort of positive, long-term results if the underlying reasons for the addiction aren’t identified and treated using medically-sound treatments and methodology. 

Our decades of experience in helping people beat addiction have allowed us to develop and hone our rehab skills and programmes with great success. Our abstinence-based, integrative, and non-12-step programme focuses on getting to know our clients’ individual causes of addiction, guiding them safely and comfortably through the detox process, and creating unique approaches to dealing with each client’s situation. This typically includes group counselling and one-on-one sessions that include Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapies (CBT & DBT Therapy), transactional analysis, and more. 

Medically speaking, our clients in our luxury and bespoke rehab programmes go through the same evidence-based process as our clients in our traditional substance abuse rehab programmes. This medical approach to breaking addictive behaviour is time-tested, and our record of successfully treating the vast majority of our patients speaks for itself.

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