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Transitional Programmes and Tertiary Treatment

Gladstones’ care for its clients extends beyond the completion of an intensive rehab programme. Our transitional programmes are designed to support the client through one of the most trying and difficult times in their life, when the temptation to slip back into old habits is the greatest. Often this is the first time in years the client has taken care of their own health and many end up rearranging their entire lifestyle in dramatic ways. Gladstones transitional programmes aim to provide our clients with the necessary therapeutic guidance and support to adjust to life after the intensive rehab programmes.

Transitional Support for Those First Steps

Every Gladstones transitional recovery programme is designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual client. Our team of experts decides on the right mix of components required to enable our client to gradually ease back into everyday life and help them handle difficult situations as they arise. These may include individual or family counselling, physician appointments, 12 step/SMART meetings

, regular “check ins”, out-patient treatment, providing sober living accommodation and other options. It is important for our clients to establish safe boundaries to protect them when they return home to a sober life. These support systems enable our clients to practice using the skills they have learned throughout their intensive programme and guide them towards increased self responsibility.

As the client moves through the transitional programme towards independence, they gather confidence in their newly acquired skills and learn how to sustain and enhance the lifestyle gains they made throughout the intensive programme. This is also the time we encourage clients to embrace other life-enhancing activities, such as attending educational classes, going back to work, and reconnecting with friends and family. Our team at Gladstones’ helps to ensure each client is provided with a range of proven aftercare resources to afford them the best opportunity for a lasting recovery after rehab.

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