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Cocaine and Crack Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment

Written By Brian Davis
Reviewed By Tiffany Green
Medically Reviewed By Dr David Barker
Updated January 12, 2023

Both cocaine and crack cocaine represent significant and complex challenges in addiction rehab treatment. These stimulants, similar in structure and both derived from coca leaf extracts, create intense feelings of euphoria and escape and are both associated with a significant potential for abuse, dependency, and addiction. While their intense effects alone would probably be enough to quickly become habit-forming, this is compounded by the fact that their high is short-lived, leading to a cycle of repeated use and an increased risk of addiction. The long-term effects of untreated cocaine and crack cocaine abuse include cardiovascular and neurological damage, as well as a host of mental health problems.

Gladstones Clinic offers specialised cocaine and crack cocaine rehab treatment services that take an individualised, holistic, and integrative approach to dealing with the challenges posed by stimulant addiction. Our non-12-step primary care programme and cocaine addiction rehab treatments are designed to break the physical dependency on these drugs while also addressing the psychological aspects of cocaine addiction.

Need help in battling cocaine addiction?

Gladstones Clinic’s cocaine addiction treatment programme has a proven track record of helping people recover from cocaine and crack cocaine addiction.

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Why do people abuse cocaine and crack cocaine?

Cocaine, a well-known and often glamorised drug, is often tried out of curiosity or peer pressure the first time around. The user inevitably enjoys its short-lived effects and is soon tempted to experience that euphoric high again. At this point, justifying more cocaine use becomes easier and easier each time it’s done, and soon a psychological dependency on its euphoric high is formed.

While crack cocaine, or crack as it is often referred to, doesn’t have the same glamour appeal as cocaine, those who have become dependent on cocaine are more likely to experiment with it than someone who is hesitant about trying narcotics. Its stronger effects and often lower price quickly become further driving forces of addiction.

While this simplified explanation offers some insight into why individuals might become addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine, it’s important to realise that the factors that contribute to cocaine abuse are multi-faceted and interlinked. Genetic predisposition to substance addiction, exposure to an environment where drug use is normalised, mental health disorders, and previous exposure to narcotics can all affect how someone might view, experiment with, or form addictions to substances.

When to seek help for cocaine and crack cocaine abuse

The long-term neurological damage of sustained cocaine and crack cocaine cannot be overstated enough. Reduced cognitive ability, mood disorders, and memory problems are but a few irreversible effects of untreated cocaine and crack cocaine addiction. When taking into account how alluring these stimulants can be after only a once-off experiment, seeking professional cocaine addiction treatment should be a priority for anyone who experiences any of the symptoms of cocaine addiction listed below:

What happens in cocaine and crack cocaine addiction rehab treatment?

Gladstones Clinic has been instrumental in helping countless patients fully recover from cocaine and crack cocaine addiction. We leverage modern, evidence-based treatments within a holistic recovery framework to assist individuals in fully understanding all aspects of their addiction and develop realistic and practical strategies to deal with triggers and cravings. 

1. Addiction Assessment & Consultation

Staying in line with our belief in individually tailored treatment based on each patient’s needs, your journey to recovery with Gladstones starts with a comprehensive assessment and consultation regarding your addiction profile, physical and psychological health, and any potential co-occurring mental health disorders. This enables us to plan a cocaine addiction treatment strategy based on your needs instead of relying on standardised treatment for unique patients, resulting in cocaine addiction rehab with a high long-term recovery rate.  

2. Detoxification (Detox)

Detoxification is the first medical step in any cocaine rehab treatment. This process typically lasts anywhere between 5 and 8 days, depending on several personal factors such as degree of addiction, time since last use, and co-occurring drug use, and is essential for transitioning into primary care. Although detox can be uncomfortable with withdrawal symptoms that include fatigue, depression, anxiety, and irritability, you’ll have round-the-clock medical and psychological support from our caring and compassionate addiction specialists.

3. Primary Care

The majority of your time in the Gladstones cocaine addiction rehab programme will be spent in primary care. During this phase, you can expect a wide range of holistic and integrated therapies and treatments aimed at arming you with everything you need to live a fulfilling and rewarding life post-treatment. Although your exact treatments will be based on your individual needs, cocaine addiction treatment largely consists of one-on-one sessions with addiction specialist psychiatrists who employ, among others, widely recognised psychiatric modalities such as CBT and DBT, as well as group therapy and holistic supplementary treatments.

4. Secondary Care, Tertiary Care, and Aftercare

The battle against cocaine and crack cocaine is rarely won within the space of a few weeks. Recognising this challenge, Gladstones Clinic offers secondary, tertiary, and aftercare programmes designed to offer you ongoing relapse prevention support, as well as ones designed to help you successfully and confidently reintegrate into a community, find access to sober living facilities if needed, and build skills to enhance your job prospects.

Once a Gladstones patient, you’ll never be alone in the struggle against addiction again. 

Get professional help in dealing with cocaine and crack cocaine addiction

Cocaine and crack cocaine addiction treatment can prevent a dangerous addiction from spiraling out of control and leading to devastating long-term effects.

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