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Where To Go If You Have An Internet Addiction

When we think of an ‘addiction’ we traditionally think of alcohol, drug, gambling, sex addictions and eating disorders but addiction can also come in other forms and one which is on the increase with the boom in web connected mobile phones and tablets is an addiction to using the internet and playing games. You may not immediately think that time spent on the internet browsing websites or playing games is an addiction which will threaten a person’s life or health but the reality is that as with any addition or obsession, addiction to the internet can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, interpersonal relationships and employment.

If you feel that you may have developed an addiction to surfing the internet or playing games on the internet or even on a games console, then the friendly expert team at the Gladstones Clinic in Bristol can help.

The Gladstones Clinic is one of the UK’s leading private treatment centres for problems of addiction and they can provide you with the very best professional without prejudice or judgement to your addiction or personal circumstances helping you to move forward to a better life addiction free.

If you feel that you may be struggling with an internet addiction or playing video games or with another addiction such as drugs, alcohol eating disorders etc and would like to speak to someone right now for a confidential chat call us Freephone on 0808 258 2350 or email –


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