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Gambling With Lives – Feature

A Gladstones Featured Organisation

Every day someone takestheir life in the UK because of gambling.

Gambling with Lives is a charity set up in 2018 by families bereaved by gambling-related suicide. They support bereaved families, raise awareness of the devastating effects of gambling disorder, and campaign for change.

Gambling with Lives Vision – A world free from gambling-related suicide.

Gambling with Lives Mission – To support those bereaved by gambling-related suicide and to improve mental health and save lives through raising awareness of the risks to health posed by gambling.

In support of thier mission they:

  • Support families who have been bereaved by gambling-related suicides
  • Raise awareness of the dangerous effects of gambling on mental health & the high suicide risk
  • Campaign to reform the UK’s outdated gambling laws

Gambling with Lives runs a support service for bereaved families, and  are piloting an education programme for UK schools.

Gambling with Lives Demands 

  • Dangerous products made safer e.g. through stake limits & play speeds
  • Stringent affordability checks enforced across all operators
  • A statutory levy to pay for independent research, education & treatment
  • An end to gambling advertising, sponsorship & inducements
  • Every gambling-related suicide is investigated & learned from

Key gambling stats from Gambling For Lives

  • 409 gambling-related suicides in England every year, according to a 2021 Public Health England report
  • 1.4 million adults addicted to gambling in the UK
  • 55,000 children already addicted to gambling
  • 86% of gross online betting profits also come from just 5% of customers
  • 1 in 4 gamblers are at substantially higher risk of suffering serious harm
  • 45% addiction and at-risk rates for some online casino and slot games
  • 78% addiction rates for micro sports betting (“in-play”) according to this study
  • £14 billion gross annual profit for the gambling industry
  • £1.5 billion spent by the industry onadvertisingeach year
  • 35% of people with gambling disorder receive daily incentives to gamble, compared to 4% of those not suffering gambling harm
  • 15 x people suffering from gambling disorder are 15 times more likely to take their lives, according to research from Sweden
  • 22% addiction and at-risk rate for those who gamble more than once a week

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How Gambling For Lives Campaign – 

They are campaigning to reform the UK’s gambling laws to reduce gambling-related suicides.

The current legislation – the 2005 Gambling Act – liberalised the regulation of gambling, which has led to a substantial increase in gambling-related harm.

What policymakers failed to foresee in 2005 was the almost universal adoption of the smartphone and other devices which enabled gambling 24/7 whenever and wherever the gambler wanted, totally unsupervised.

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