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Grandma £10,000 in debt after two year ‘secret’ gambling addiction

Eden Lewis reported in Teesside Live the story of a grandma who’s secret gambling addiction has left her over £10,000 in debt.

The lady requested to remain anonymous but wanted to tell her story to help others spot the signs of addiction which over took her life.

She has COPD and had to shield throughout lockdown. After her sister won £5,000 on online slots she thought she would see if she could win the jackpot too.

She explained that her addiction took over every waking hour of her life, it’s all she could think about and she would struggle to sleep as she was just desperate to place on more bets to gain her money back.

She owed rent arrears and was looking to pay them off and move into her own house. She is on benefits and the only way she could see her afford this was to gamble. She kept her addiction a secret from family and borrowed off them all so she could keep gambling.

Her gambling is now under control with help from

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