Detox and rehabilitation treatment for those suffering with alcohol & drug addiction

Drinking problem

Do you think you might have a problem with alcohol or do you have a family member or friend who is struggling?

If you answer YES to any of these questions and you have continued to drink then you may need our help.

  • Have you ever tried to quit drinking before?
  • Do you find yourself drinking more than your intended ‘one or two’?
  • Are you ever late or completely miss work due to a hangover?
  • Is your drinking having a negative effect on your loved ones and family life?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your next drink?
  • Have you given up hobbies or activities you used to enjoy in order to drink?
  • Does your drinking ever put you in dangerous situations?
  • Did you have an episode, even just one, that made you (or others) feel unsafe?
  • Has drinking caused you any persistent health problems, including anxiety or depression?
  • When you go without alcohol, do you get withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, shaking or sweating?

The Road to Recovery starts with a call …

Alcohol Dependency Rehab

Gladstones Clinic offers a residential detox and rehab programme for alcoholism that applies abstinence-based, integrative treatments and a non 12-step philosophy as part of our treatment model.

An alcoholic’s drinking problem may cause them to miss work, school, or important events, in favour of drink-related activities. They may suffer extreme symptoms of withdrawal when they try to stop drinking. Symptoms can range from sweating, nausea, vomiting, irritability, tremors, insomnia, anxiety, to in extreme cases, hallucinations and the DT’s.

We work with alcoholics and their families on a daily basis in our residential rehab clinic. We have seen the damage done to everyone involved. We apply our years of experience with the latest integrative treatment models and therapies in our highly successful practice.

Helping to support a loved one or family member

Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease but also, thankfully, it is treatable and there is help to stop drinking for good. At Gladstones Clinic, we offer an integrative, as well as holistic residential alcohol rehab treatment options to our clients. This unique combination of strategies is able to best support them in their battle to achieve lasting sobriety and permanent recovery from addiction.

Alcohol detox and withdrawal should never be taken lightly.  It is a potentially life threatening process and anyone considering attempting it on their own should seek professional medical or addiction recovery advice first.

The Road to Recovery…

Once the Client’s medically managed detox is complete, our experienced therapeutic team at Gladstones will assess each client in order to determine the best approach to take in creating their Primary Treatment care plan to keep them off the drink for good. Our intensive program consists of a combination of treatments including psychotherapy sessions and education around drug & alcohol use.

Our Client’s keyworker will support them to put in place the practical elements of sustainable recovery using evidence based recovery tools such as the five ways to wellbeing, recovery capital, the recovery outcome star, mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.

Our private residential alcohol detox and rehab programme will require hard work and determination to succeed. Therapy sessions often force clients to deal with and accept deeply hidden memories or traumas that must be brought to the surface.Throughout it all, clients will be supported and encouraged by an entire team of therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, doctors and recovery workers who are all dedicated to the patient’s recovery, comfort and well-being.

“Gladstones has given me a better understanding of both myself and my own issues and addiction in general. The counselling and support is excellent and the treatment plan focussing largely on group work works very efficiently whilst you still feel the staff understand you as an individual. I am leaving Gladstones feeling confident and far better equipped with the tools I will need for my recovery than I had thought would be.”

To start your recovery call us in confidence on 0808 258 1816

Helping to support a loved one or family member

Gladstones Clinic is dedicated to working with families struggling with addiction. We have policies, practices and a residential rehab programme in place that both encourages family involvement in their loved-one’s recovery, and also provides support and counselling to families who are struggling to cope themselves. We are always there to answer questions and give updates on progress too. Provided the patient agrees, the more a family wants to get involved in their loved-one’s recovery, the better for everyone.

About Gladstones

Gladstones’ residential rehab programmes are designed to place equal emphasis on physical health, mental well-being and emotional connection. Treatment is not predicated on the 12 Step method. The Gladstones integrative rehabilitation model emphasizes the critically important role of both cognitive and behavioral factors in addiction. This includes the creation of, and then maintenance of, the root cause of the addiction, fixation or disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely used to treat a range of addiction related disorders. Typical disorders include to food, alcohol, drugs and other compulsive behaviours. We find that CBT teaches clients to finally understand the negative mental and emotional patterns and complexes that are at the heart of their addictions. It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of a deeper unresolved and underlying issue. Getting to the original root of the problem and healing the wound, offers the best chance of permanent recovery from the cycle of addiction.

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