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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Swindon

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinic near Swindon

Gladstones Clinic has a 20-year history of providing effective rehab and recovery services for substance abuse and mental health disorders. With clinics located in the Cotswolds, Bristol, and London, we provide affordable and accessible access to therapy and mental health services within a short drive of Swindon. If you need help dealing with complex addiction or mental health issues in either a residential or daycare setting, contact Gladstones Clinic.

As industry leaders in rehabilitation, we understand the complexities of addiction, mental health, and their interplay. We’ve developed and honed our own holistic approach to therapy, taking care to address not just the symptoms of addiction but the underlaying causes and triggers. This dedication to holistic well-being, backed by modern and evidence-based therapy models and exemplary post-treatment services, has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life overcome their addictions and return to a life of meaning and fulfilment. 

If you or a loved one in Swindon need help reclaiming your life from addiction or mental health challenges, please reach out to Gladstones Clinic for a confidential and obligation-free discussion on how we can help. Please, don’t suffer alone when help is nothing more than a phone call away.

Some of our many services include:

Private Residential Detox and Rehab

We offer private residential detox and rehab at our clinic in the Cotswolds, less than an hour’s drive from Swindon. Residential detox and rehab clinics, being away from temptation and triggers, offer a much higher long-term success rate than trying to beat addiction at home and are the ideal solution for those who have tried and failed to give up drugs at home. 

Substances such as drugs and alcohol can eventually get quite a grip on a person, and when one tries to quit, painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms often become too much to bear, driving one right back into the arms of abuse. At Gladstones, we provide medically supervised detox services where our skilled and experienced addiction specialist physicians may provide pharamceutical intervention to ease the pain of withdrawal, paving the way for a smooth transition into primary care and rehab.

Our residential clinic provides each patient with a fully private bedroom and en-suite bathroom for maximum comfort and privacy, and is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and productive stay. This includes having all your meals provided, on-site therapy facilities, and beautiful and well-maintained shared spaces. With only 12 beds available at any time, we provide a small-group feeling and a calming and restful environment in which to recover. 

If you’re looking for effective and lasting recovery from substance abuse or mental health concerns near Swindon, you’d be hard-pressed to find any clinics or facilities with our impressive record, customer satisfaction, and commitment to your long-term recovery. 


How can Gladstones Clinic help you overcome substance abuse or mental health disorders?

If you have any questions about our facilities or treatments near Swindon, feel free to call us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our nearest drug and alcohol rehab clinics to Swindon


Our closest clinic to Swindon is also our flagship. At Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds, we provide comprehensive and holistic residential drug and alcohol detox and rehab services, along with mental health services. Gladstones Cotswolds also provides specialist addiction services, such as teenage rehab and planned interventions. 


Gladstones Clinic Bristol focuses on non-residential primary care for addiction and mental health problems. It also acts as a community hub, where many of our previous clients meet and receive ongoing therapy and aftercare services. Our aftercare services are free and available to all former patients for life.


Our London clinic provides non-residential daycare services for drug and alcohol addiction and mental health. With many unable to take a month off from life for residential rehab services, daycare become the best option. It also acts as a central hub where many of our former residential patients meet as a community.

Gladstones Clinic: Helping Swindon beat addiction and mental health disorder

Gladstones does more than simply provide safe and comfortable detox and therapy spaces. The battle against addiction, mental health problems, and other self-harming behaviours is fought in many ways, and we provide specialist services that get people into treatment, help families get involved in the healing process, and provide ongoing post-treatment services and support. 

Intervention Services

Many people facing addiction or mental health difficulties struggle to seek help. Shame, fear of judgement, and many other factors often stand as seemingly immovable barriers to therapy. Our intervention services have helped many families and friends plan successful interventions, getting their loved ones to accept that they need help and getting them into treatment before irreparable damage has been done. 

Family Therapy

Substance abuse and mental health disorders can severely harm the love and trust that are supposed to exist between family members. We help families recover from the disappointment and eroded trust of failed attempts at sobriety and hurtful things said during trying times, restoring healthy family bonds and relationships. Moreover, we educate families to help make them long-term pillars of support in the ongoing fight against addiction. 


A full and permanent recovery from addiction or mental health disorders can take some time. While some patients see a remarkable recovery within a few short weeks, we understand the need for ongoing support. Our secondary-, tertiary-, and aftercare programmes are well-regarded as some of the best in the industry, providing life-long access to essential aftercare services and the Gladstones community that has been so instrumental in supporting each other’s sobriety and successes.


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Our Treatment Philosophy

Addiction and mental health disorders impair clear thinking, stress tolerance, impulse control, and harm physical, emotional, and social health. We believe effective treatment requires understanding each patient’s unique circumstances and offering personalised, holistic strategies that support all aspects of living a healthy and rewarding life.

Our treatment combines evidence-backed therapies and modalities used in rehab around the world with proven alternative therapies and practices that are known to have physical and psychological benefits, such as yoga and meditation. Alongside other steps that promote whole-person healing, this holistic approach has proven itself to be effective and reliable in helping our patients permanently overcome substance abuse and mental health issues. 

Our treatment philosophy includes the belief that treatment must be personalised to be effective, and our skilled and dedicated recovery team, consisting of phychiatrists, physicians, and other recovery personnel, will go out of their way to ensure that you only receive therapies that are relevant and effective. Our 20 years of experience have taught us that a combination of therapies that typically include cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies (CBT and DBT therapy), group and one-on-one counselling, transactional analysis, and more deliver consistent and desirable outcomes. 

Our dedication to providing personalised therapies for personal problems and addressing them at the root cause has made Gladstones Clinic a leader in the UK rehab and mental health service provider industry. 

Our Rooms and Facilities

There are a lot of factors that affect how likely an attempt at sobriety will be to get the desired outcome, even in a controlled environment where drugs and alcohol are out of reach. Gladstones Clinic has spared no expense in ensuring that all of these factors are addressed optimally, including making sure that the physical therapy and recovery spaces are safe, comfortable, and conducive to a restful and relaxing recovery. 

Our residential facility in the Cotswolds features 12 fully private bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. Our rooms and shared spaces are all airy, comfortable, and well-equipped with everything you need for your stay. We have dedicated onsite meeting and counselling rooms and inviting gardens and outdoor spaces in which to relax between therapy sessions, and in the evenings, our community members gather around the dinner table, enjoy a book or TV, or bond over board games. 

While allowing our patients to leave our home during detox or early into primary care would be irresponsible of us, after a few weeks, we visit nearby parks and gardens with patients who are stable and ready to spend time outside. 

Nutrition is another factor in successful rehab that Gladstones has mastered. Our dedicated, long-time chefs prepare three nutritionally balanced and delicious meals for all our patients daily and put out snacks, fruit, and other refreshments throughout the day. Optimal nutrition helps to prevent cravings and stabilises the mood. Having been with us for years and serving clients from all cultures and backgrounds, our chefs can accommodate all dietary restrictions and requirements. 


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