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Bradford-on-Avon Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Clinic

Providing Treatment for Addictions including Alcohol and Drugs in Bradford-on-Avon

Gladstones Clinics private treatment for addiction and associated disorders, including mental health, in Bradford-on-Avon.

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We know that addiction is a huge problem for some people in Trowbridge. From drug addiction to alcohol addiction, as well as other addiction like gaming or gambling, Gladstones Private Rehab Clinics can help you. We don’t just work with you or your loved one, we work with family and friends to make sure the treatment you are getting is comprehensive and doesn’t stop when you leave our clinic. Your friends and family will be a huge part of your journey to beating your addiction and Gladstones makes sure they are integrated in your rehabilitation process.

Gladstones provides rehab services for teens. Continue reading here to discover more about teen addiction, how the Gladstones Clinic’s teenage addiction rehabilitation programme changes lives, and how to begin the road to recovery if you or a young loved one needs expert assistance with addiction.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Bradford-on-Avon

We know that alcohol addiction is one of the biggest killers in the UK. People from all walks of life suffer from various forms of alcohol addiction or problems with alcohol, Gladstones are specialists in helping people beat their addiction. It can affect whole families with someone living from alcohol addiction. We work with the person suffering from the addiction as well as the family. It’s part of our unique programme centred around the person.

Drug Addiction Rehab in Bradford-on-Avon

Gladstones specialises in drug rehabilitation treatment for people of all ages. From teenagers (16 +) to adults from all backgrounds we are able to help and treat people who are suffering from drug addictions. From cannabis to cocaine, we are able to work with you and your family to beat the addiction.

The Problem with Addiction in Bradford-on-Avon

The Wiltshire Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2019 describes Wiltshire’s Life Course Substance Misuse Health Needs Assessment (HNA), which reviews the county’s drug and alcohol prevalence, risk factors, impact, current provision and recommendations. In particular it highlights a number of issues including –

  • Men are around twice as likely to take drugs as women
  • When analysing drug use by gender and age group, the highest prevalence is in males aged 20-24 years
  • Between 2.6-3.6% of the adult population (>16 years) are estimated to be dependent on drugs.
  • The majority (1.9-2.8%) are dependent on cannabis alone, with a smaller proportion dependent on other drugs (with or without cannabis dependence as well)

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About Bradford-on-Avon

Bradford-on-Avon is a town and civil parish in west Wiltshire, England, near the border with Somerset, which had a population of 9,402 at the 2011 census. The town’s canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists. The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins. Wikipedia

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