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Bridgend Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Clinic

Providing Treatment for Addictions including Alcohol and Drugs in Bridgend

Gladstones Clinics private treatment for addiction and associated disorders in Bridgend.

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We never stop working for a client. Our many customised aftercare options guarantee that our clients maintain their concentration. Emails, phone conversations, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and other forms of treatment that our client requires to continue to experience a successful transition may all be included in aftercare programmes. We value our follow-up assistance just as much as the initial residential programme.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Bridgend

Someone who has been drinking heavily may experience a variety of physical and emotional symptoms when they abruptly quit or dramatically reduce their alcohol intake. From minor symptoms like exhaustion, nausea, and worry to more serious ones like seizures and hallucinations.

Alcohol withdrawal is what is being experienced, and it is often painful. Alcohol withdrawal can occasionally pose a life-threatening threat. When a recovered alcoholic stops drinking, the process of alcohol detox involves closely monitoring them medically. It is typically the first phase of alcoholism recovery.

Clinical teams of doctors and nurses who work at Gladstones keep an eye on and treat a client’s withdrawal symptoms. This is crucial to both ensuring the client’s safety and easing withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Addiction Rehab in Bridgend

At Gladstones, a highly skilled and sympathetic professional team offers round-the-clock assistance and medical treatment during detoxification. To lessen your cravings for drugs and improve your withdrawal symptoms, healthcare professionals may prescribe a variety of treatments.

For example, patients going through alcohol withdrawal frequently experience agitation, psychosis, and convulsions. Such clients may be given benzodiazepines as part of a medically supervised detox programme in Washington to treat these symptoms.

Additionally, during medical detox, a variety of withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, restlessness, and muscle aches can be managed using prescription drugs. Detoxification and withdrawal are therefore safe and comfortable.

About Bridgend

Bridgend is a town in Bridgend County Borough in Wales, 20 miles west of Cardiff and 20 miles east of Swansea. The town is named after the medieval bridge over the River Ogmore. The River Ewenny also flows through the town. The population was 49,597 in 2021. Wikipedia


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