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Bangor Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Clinic

Providing Treatment for Addictions including Alcohol and Drugs in Bangor

Gladstones Clinics private treatment for addiction and associated disorders in Bangor.

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Each of our clients is first clinically evaluated on an individualized basis in order to identify the most suitable drugs and treatments for their particular set of issues. There will be comprehensive medical supervision available around-the-clock, seven days a week, together with experienced support staff.

Gladstones Clinic will make absolutely sure that our clients’ stay in the alcohol detox phase is as peaceful and emotionally encouraging as possible, ensuring a smooth transition to the following stages of their rehabilitation.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Bangor

The most common drug of abuse in the UK is alcohol, and alcoholism is the most prevalent chemical dependency there. Alcoholism is a condition that affects millions of people, including adults and teenagers, and continues to have a devastating effect on people’s lives, families, and communities across the country.

It is nearly impossible to emphasise the destruction that an untreated alcohol addiction can do. Chronic alcohol misuse has been linked to severe bodily harm, such as anaemia, starvation, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, an increased chance of developing certain malignancies, and even death. The persistent consumption of alcohol can result in damaged relationships, unemployment, financial ruin, legal issues, homelessness, and suicide in addition to impairing a person’s mental health and emotional stability. However, none of these results are certain. Effective rehab facilities exist that can offer a road map to lead the person suffering from alcoholism out of the shadow of their addiction and into the sunshine of enduring recovery.

Drug Addiction Rehab in Bangor

Numerous people all around the world have come to realise that they are caught in the risky cycle of addiction. Unfortunately, once a drug or alcohol addiction takes hold, it may be extremely difficult for people to overcome without specialised assistance. The need to abuse substances can quickly take over a person’s life, causing relationships to fall apart, health to suffer, and loss of academic or professional standing. Gladstones has developed residential rehab programming with the goal of assisting people in learning the skills necessary for beating their addictions and moving forward into a transformed life with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to be happy, healthy, and successful. We are aware of how extraordinarily difficult it can be to overcome an addiction to substances.

About Bangor

Bangor is a cathedral city and community in Gwynedd, North Wales. It is the oldest city in Wales. Historically part of Caernarfonshire, it had a population of 18,322 at the 2019 UK Office for National Statistics. Wikipedia

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