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Why Choose Gladstones Clinic

Gladstones Clinic has been developed after 15 years experience of professionally rehabilitating diverse individuals suffering from a range of addiction difficulties. We have three state-of-the art residential rehab clinics that successfully employ a variety of interventions that are based on traditional approaches as well as techniques 

that are on the ‘cutting-edge’ in the world of addiction treatment. Therefore, we are always evolving and unique in our approach to treating people with addictions and disorders.

At Gladstones Clinic we understand the complex nature of addiction and are multifaceted in our approach. Our primary purpose is catering to individual needs through a person-centred care planning approach.

This looks at different areas of the individual’s life through a detailed assessment and customising and developing a treatment plan from a range of clinical perspectives.

This person-centered approach not only works in treatment of individuals, but is also replicated in the environment in which people are being treated. At Gladstones you will feel like you are in a warm, protected, and safe ‘home’ with a nurturing treatment team exclusively at your service.

The essence of Our Vision can be described as follows:

  • Helping individuals to create an exclusive transformational and healing experience that challenges destructive behaviours, promoting holistic health and positive relationships.
  • Creating a safe and private high quality environment, staffed with outstanding practitioners.
  • Offering the highest quality treatment within our unique programs that have been created by leading professionals from a range of healing modalities, working as a team to create intensive treatment plans with the aim of restoring optimum health within the shortest possible time-frame.

The Core Values Guiding Our Operations:

  • To achieve excellence as a treatment facility.
  • To honour the dignity of each individual.
  • To protect security, confidentiality and privacy.
  • To be open and accountable to clients, staff and other stakeholders.
  • To be efficient and effective.

Our highly accredited team at Gladstones go above and beyond to make sure our clients have plenty of services and therapy options to choose from in order to ensure their success.

Unsurpassed Privacy & Confidentiality

All our files are password protected and no-one outside Gladstones has access to your details. Our employees and contractors are all bound by strict confidentiality agreements and are trained to answer media inquiries with “no comment”. Additional security measures can be provided for our high profile clients as required.

Our Properties Are Beautiful

Our thtree clinics are located in beautiful, safe and discrete environments with no obvious links to a treatment facility. The Bristol Clinic is located on a quiet Georgian square in Bristol. The Cotswold Clinic is located in a converted farm house in rural Gloucestershire. The London Clinic is located on a quiet Victorian square in Notting Hill.

Holistic Approach

At Gladstones we take both a holistic and an integrative approach to ensure that treatment is coordinated and unified.  We treat the underlying issues in each client’s life that may be causing the addiction. To accomplish this we use complementary therapies like acupuncture, meditation and shiatsu alongside traditional medical, psychiatric, and counselling therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychoanalysis.

Family Members & Loved Ones Participation Encouraged

Gladstones’ family counseling can be very healing for both the addict and their loved ones, we realize family support can be invaluable in encouraging the client to keep up with their support and stay on track.

If you wish to have your family nearby while you are undergoing treatment, we can organize for them to be accommodated if required. Click here to see our Family Services.

Supportive Staff

Our supportive staff at Gladstones liaise daily with each other to share their observations of each client and provide our therapists with invaluable feedback. This enables the programme to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients on a daily basis.

Diet & Nutrition Are Important Factors In Optimizing Recovery

Our team of in-house chefs and nutritionists will prepare meals on a daily basis that meet your individual tastes and preferences. Maintaining a balanced diet helps to improve mood and health, reducing the likelihood of relapsing during your transition. We ensure that client’s preferred food requirements are supplied at all times during their stay.

Gladstones Is Affordable

Programmes that can adapt to all budgets and time requirements.

For clients who are using private medical insurance, we are more than happy to talk to the insurer and provide the relevant details they require.

Gladstones Provides Ongoing Recovery Support

We never give up on a client. Our extensive tailored aftercare options ensure our clients maintain their focus. Aftercare programmes may include emails, telephone calls, one-to-one therapy, group meetings, family counselling, or any treatment our client needs to continue to have a successful transformation. Our follow-up support is as important to us as the initial residential programme.

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