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Rehab Cost and Finance

There can be no doubt that a residential rehab facility offers the best chance of permanent and lasting recovery from addiction. Many individuals who may be interested in rehab for themselves or a loved one also share a fear that the cost of obtaining these services may be too high to afford. Despite all the best intentions, they feel caught between a rock and a financial hard place.

First of all, it is important to weigh the cost of rehab against the short-term and long-term costs of compulsive behavioural disorders or drug or alcohol addiction. Compulsive disorders and drug or alcohol addiction are rarely free of costs, no matter how you calculate them. In fact, they cost a great deal to support and inevitably lead to long-term health issues and associated legal and/or occupational penalties or medical bills over a life-time of addiction. Consider any expenditures on any addiction rehabilitation treatments as practical investments that will save money over a life-time.

We Accept Private Health Insurance

As a recognised professional health care service provider, Gladstones Clinic is able to work with most major private health care insurance providers, such as Bupa, Cigna and AXA.

If you have private insurance we will work with you and your provider to complete the paper work and help you get the funding going so you can begin treatment. Please call us directly, as our experience in these matters will expedite the process enormously.

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