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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are important here at Gladstones Clinics, we ask our clients for testimonials as well as feedback, so that we can celebrate our successes together as well as improve our services where we can.

Below are a few recent testimonials from our clients.

“I cannot imagine where I would be in life if I had not come to Gladstones. Quite simply, without you guys my life would be a total disaster. The work you do is tough and inspiring. You give people the tools to change if they want to. So for that I am truly grateful”.


“Wow, what a journey. The most valuable journey I have ever been on, that’s for sure! Thank you for everything, your Calming support during my tough times, and making me feel so at home and hopeful. My gratitude can’t be articulated in a mere card but I hope my sobriety will be my tank you. You truly are incredible people”.


“Thank you for all of your help, patience and for all of your kindness. These six weeks have been some of the hardest, but also some of the best of my life. I am forever grateful”.


“You guys truly are the best. You help people everyday and your passion for doing so is infectious. Your, warm, welcoming and always laughing. Most importantly, you accept all of us for who we are as human beings. You provide a sanctuary for the sad, the lost, the angry, the lonely and the vulnerable. You cant put a price on that”.


“I owe you all my life, as from here on in, it will never be the same again. Without all of your guidance, suggestions and perseverance I could not have wiped the slate clean and gotten into the mental state I am now in. This is only just the beginning”.


“How can I ever thank you all for the care, love, straight talk, humour and challenges you shared with me? Simply put, it’s impossible. At a time in my life when I truly was at my lowest, saddest, loneliest place, you took me back into your arms and made me look at all that I am, good and bad, and understand nature of what it means to want a better life”.


“I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and support this past month. I’ve loved my time here and shall be popping as often as I can for aftercare” .


What a brilliant service! Can’t thank all the staff enough in clinic and the support workers love you all.

Rebecca – UK

Overall I have fully appreciated the experience at Gladstones. Therapy is very good and not 12 Steps based, which I was against – hence choosing Gladstones. The CBT approach worked for me and allowed me to get in touch with my emotions far more than I would have otherwise done so.

Mandhar – UK

Amazing experience, Gladstones Clinic has changed my life. Gladstones was the fourth rehab I have been in and after an 8 week stay I am now 6months clean for the first time in 15 years. I can’t thank them enough.

Lucy – UK

“I just to say again how wonderful you and the team have been, as you know I have spoken to other clinics and they have been very robotic which is not what I need. It’s a very difficult journey and to admit you need help and I am looking forward to staying with you and hopefully making me a better version of myself.I am getting anxious but my family and friends are very supportive and I know I am doing the right thing.” Julia March 2021

Julia – March 2021

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