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BBC Radio 3 – The power of music on mental health

Six things we learned about the power of music on mental health

BBC Radio 3 – Music Matters –

“I think that instinctively we all know that music can make us feel better. I think the really interesting question though is – why?” – Professor Sally Marlow

To mark World Mental Health Day, Tom Service presents a special Music Matters in collaboration with Professor Sally Marlow, a mental health specialist at King’s College London and BBC Radio 3’s first ever researcher in residence.

The show includes powerful personal stories from composers and performers nationwide, exploring the symbiosis between music-making and mental health. They discuss projects that evidence how music helps a whole range of mental health conditions across our society from health care to concert halls.

Below are six things we learned.

  1. One music project is bringing connection and “moments of joy” to children in hospital
  2. Singing has been shown to speed up recovery from symptoms of postnatal depression
  3. The NHS has started prescribing music classes
  4. Music can bring respite from the symptoms of OCD
  5. Heavy metal music has given young people in County Durham an opportunity to express themselves
  6. Research has shown that “sad” music can be uplifting and drumming can reduce depression

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