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Mad Men Star Jon Hamm Completes Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Mad Men star Jon Hamm, plays the troubled advertising executive Don Draper in the hugely successful television series Mad Men. The role has made Hamm an international celebrity and earned him several Emmy Award nominations at the same time.

Yesterday his publicist announced that the actor had just completed a 30 day course of alcohol rehab with the support of his long term partner Jennifer Westfeldt.

Hamm checked himself into the upmarket Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan Connecticut at the end of February. The couple have called for “privacy and sensitivity going forward.”

Many will find the story ironic, as Hamm’s character Don Draper in Mad Men also happens to suffer from drinking problems. The actor and his alter ego share similarly conflicted backgrounds and what many might consider a troubled past with a fair portion of bereavement, loss and grief. Hamm had lost both of his parents by age 20 and spent many years living in and on friends basements and couches in what he refers to as “not a rooted existence.”

There are compelling aspects to the story of Jon Hamm and his struggle with alcohol dependency that are worth noting. Firstly, inner pain and unresolved conflicts are often hallmarks of the alcoholic. Self-medicating to dull the pain is probably something many many alcoholics would relate to and understand. It makes a certain sense that addicts will attempt to fill an inner void of emptiness and pain but inadvertently make the hole bigger by filling the space with unhealthy habits that only worsen the problem.

The second striking element of the story is the firm support and understanding he has received from his long term partner and colleagues. The protective circle of support and encouragement from friends and loved ones can make the all-important difference between success and failure in beating addiction and finding lasting recovery from addiction.

The staff at Gladstones Clinic would like to wish Jon Hamm success in his latest project and hope that it will lead to his most important role yet: that of sober man of the year!

Friends, family and colleagues of an alcoholic should be aware that there are numerous ways that they can participate in the recovery of their loved one. For those drinkers still in denial phase, this can start with getting them through the door of a good rehab clinic via an intervention. For more willing participants, the road to recovery should begin with a medically supervised alcohol detox. Once you’ve helped them into alcohol rehab you will find that good facilities encourage family and friends to support the client, or even offer family support services and counseling.

Gladstones Clinic offers a residential detox and rehab programme for alcoholism that applies abstinence-based, integrative treatments and a non 12-step philosophy as part of our treatment model.

We work with alcoholics and their families on a daily basis in our residential rehab clinic. We have seen the damage done to everyone involved. We apply our years of experience with the latest integrative treatment models and therapies in our highly successful practice.

Gladstones operates two private residential rehab facilities in the South-West of England, and two in London. Our main office and facilities are located in central Bristol.

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