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Gladstones Clinic Relaunches its Secondary Programme in Bristol

From later this month, Gladstones Clinic will again have its traditional presence in Bristol, when we relaunch our secondary treatment programme. Secondary treatment is designed to be a bridge between your initial detox and four week stay in rehab, and your return to everyday life; your family, work, home and hopes for the future.

In the past, Gladstones has always had treatment provision in the urban centre of Bristol to complement and extend what happens at our clinic in the Cotswolds. This was interrupted due to the COVID crisis but is being relaunched with a new building, a new programme and new staff.

In secondary care and beyond you remain part of the Gladstones community, attending the clinic regularly for groups and holistic therapies and to stay in touch with therapists, as well as those peers who shared your time in rehab.  You will create, alongside your therapist, a bespoke package and care plan, taking you further into your recovery journey.

Secondary Care is a six to eight week programme that builds upon your experiences in the primary programme. It consists of lifestyle interventions to build confidence and self-reliance, as well as therapeutic groups, relapse prevention, psycho educational workshops and one to one counselling.

Admissions Manager, Tiffany Green said “Its exciting to be back in Bristol and to be able to once again offer an extended programme to those who need it. Bristol has a vibrant recovery community and is a hub for creativity, education and opportunities for personal growth”.

Gladstones secondary programme will also be available to those whose initial treatment was at another rehab,  following a week at the Cotswolds clinic getting to know the Gladstones culture and approach.

Tiffany added “not everyone is ready to return to their previous life after primary treatment and this gives them the opportunity to deepen their understanding of recovery, build recovery capital, and make important connections within the recovery community”

For more information about this exciting new offer contact Tiffany on 0808 258 2350

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