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Weston-super-Mare Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Clinic

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinic near Weston-super-Mare

Gladstones Clinic offers safe and effective residential and daycare services for substance abuse and mental health disorders, conveniently located near Weston-super-Mare. Our primary residential facility is located in the Cotswolds, no more than an hour and a half’s drive from Weston, while our Bristol clinic offers daycare treatment for substance addiction and mental health problems. Both of these clinics have a long history of helping the people of Weston overcome addiction, mental health problems, and other conditions that negatively impact one’s quality of life. 

Over the last two decades, Gladstones has developed and honed a holistic approach to treatment that’s been so critical to our success. We go out of our way to understand each patient’s unique set of circumstances and background, using this information to create personalised treatment strategies that address the root cause of addiction and disorder. This is key to a long-term recovery and allows our patients to return to lives of meaning and fulfilment. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, eating disorders, or mental health disorders, please contact Gladstones for an obligation-free and confidential discussion of how we can help. Please don’t suffer in silence when help is nothing more than a phone call away.

Some of our services include:

Private Residential Detox and Rehab

For many, a 4-week residential stay at our safe, comfortable, and serene clinic in the Cotswolds has been a life-changing experience in the true sense of the word. Residential detox and rehab offers the best chance of beating addiction and getting effective treatment for mental health disorders, as it removes you from the situations and people that trigger substance abuse and mental distress. A medically supervised detox and withdrawal period can significantly reduce the discomfort of ending substance abuse, setting the stage for a smooth transition into primary care and sobriety. 

Our Cotswold residential clinic offers rehab and mental health services to a maximum of 12 patients at a time, each accommodated in a private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Our clinic is light and airy, well-furnished, and features clean and comfortable shared living spaces, meeting spaces, therapy rooms, and outdoor areas. Only admitting a small number of patients at a time, our small-group feel and serene facility ensure an environment that facilitates healing and recovery.

Residential detox and rehab facilities that offer safe, effective, and affordable treatment are within easy access of Weston. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve long-term happiness, free from addiction and mental health disorders. 

How can Gladstones Clinic help you overcome substance abuse or mental health disorders?

If you have any questions about our facilities or treatments near Weston-super-Mare, feel free to call us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our nearest drug and alcohol rehab clinics to Weston-super-Mare


We provide non-residential primary care for addiction and mental health problems, as well as secondary and aftercare services, at our Bristol Clinic, which also serves as our head office. It's also a community hub, where former clients regularly meet to support each other and their successes.


Our residential rehab clinic for substance abuse and mental health disorders is located in the Cotswolds. It provides medically supervised detox and primary recovery services, as well as specialist addiction services, rehab for teenagers, and professional intervention services.


Our London Clinic provides non-residential daycare services for drug and alcohol addiction and mental health disorders. There are many who cannot commit to a 4-week residential rehab stay and instead turn to our daycare services for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Gladstones Clinic: Helping Weston-super-Mare beat addiction and mental health disorders

We offer an array of addiction and mental health services that go beyond detox, rehab, and primary care. Addiction and mental health disorders are complex, often don’t stick to pre-determined recovery timelines, and can have a devastating effect on family dynamics. Our specialist services help families recover, get people into treatment, and ensure that all our patients have life-long access to therapy and a supportive community. 

Intervention services

The unfortunate reality is that many people facing mental health problems or addiction will never seek help voluntarily. Some fear the stigma or perceived judgement from others, while others refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of their situation and the harm they’re doing to themselves and their loved ones. Our specialist intervention services help families and friends get their loved ones into treatment before they do serious or irreparable harm to themselves. 

Family therapy

When one member of a family is caught up in addiction, the entire family suffers. Constant worry, repeated cycles of broken promises and abuse, and the wrong things said in the wrong moment can all seriously harm healthy family dynamics, even turning family members against each other. Our family therapy services help families overcome past hurts and reunite as one against the disease affecting their loved ones. It’s hard to overstate the positive effect that a family pulling together against addiction has on long-term success rates. 


Fully and permanently recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders can take up to several years. While the vast majority of our patients see an incredible improvement in their condition within four weeks, some benefit immensely from continued support, access to Gladstones resources, ongoing therapy, and our incredibly supportive community. With Gladstones as your partner in recovery, you’ll never be alone in the battle against addiction or disorder again.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that the best approach to treating complex disorders such as addiction, depression, and anxiety is one that leads to good psychological, physical, emotional, and social health. An holistic approach to therapy ensures that all aspects of well-being are addressed, leading to a healthy and rewarding life.

Our treatment takes advantage of modern, evidence-backed therapy models used in the rehab industry around the world, combining them with proven alternative therapies that calm and heal the body and mind. This whole-person approach has proven it’s worth time and time again over the last 20 years, showing how effective treatment that addresses all aspects of addiction and disorder can be. 

Personalised treatment strategies that identify and address each patient’s root causes of addiction and disorder are another top priority at Gladstones. We understand that each patient has a unique background and set of circumstances that led to them being with us, and we take great care to provide personalised therapy that addresses the individual’s needs as opposed to standardised therapy models. While each patient’s treatment mix is unique, the majority of our patients benefit from a combination of cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies (CBT and DBT therapy), group and one-on-one counselling, transactional analysis, and other therapy models. 

This dedication to holistic therapy and providing personalised treatment options has massively contributed to our incredible long-term success rate and reputation as a leader in the UK rehab and mental health services industry.

Our Rooms and Facilities

People often underestimate the contribution that a safe and comfortable environment makes towards a successful detox and rehab attempt. We worked hard to create an environment that is physically comfortable and pleasing, provides opportunities for stimulation and relaxation, and is conducive to recovery and healing. Our community of accepting and understanding staff, recovery workers, and others in recovery creates an atmosphere of positivity and hope as we grow stronger together and celebrate each other’s successes. 

Our residential clinic in the Cotswolds can accommodate up to 12 patients at a time, providing each patient with their own fully private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Our shared spaces, meeting rooms, and therapy rooms are all well-furnished and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Our clinic also features spaces where you can relax on your own or with others, as well as green spaces and gardens. 

While we do not allow patients in rehab for substance abuse to leave the premises during detox and the early stages of primary care, patients who are stable and have been with us for a few weeks take supervised trips to nearby parks to stretch their legs and catch some sun.

Diet and nutrition are other factors that can influence the outcome of an attempt at sobriety. Poor nutrition or deficiencies lead to cravings and mood instability, unnecessarily complicating recovery. Our dedicated and experienced chefs prepare three nutritionally balanced meals and put out snacks, fruit, and other refreshments daily. Over the years, they have served clients from all cultures and backgrounds, allowing them to accommodate all dietary restrictions or requirements.

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