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The Secret Boozer – A Functioning Alcoholic

Functioning Alcoholic

SECRET BOOZER – The 9 things functioning alcoholics say when they’re hiding a secret addiction.

Vanessa Chalmers, The Sun’s Digital Health Reporter has this week (19th March 2022) spoken with Sandra Parker, who is an alcohol-free coach, on how functioning alcoholics can hide their addiction.

The group of ‘functioning alcoholics’ are among us and well hidden, and one of the biggest growing demographics with a drinking problem right now are middle class professional women. There are plenty of excuses alcoholics use when hiding their addiction but the most common excuses are often ‘But I can still work after drinking’, ‘I never have a hangover,’ and, ‘I never drink before 6pm’.

The 9 things that functioning alcoholics say when they’re hiding a secret addiction –

    1. ‘I drink a bottle of wine every night – but I eat very well’
    2. ‘I never drink during the day’
    3. ‘Yes I drink every night, but I never get hangovers’
    4. ‘I only drink wine, I would never touch spirits’
    5. ‘I am not addicted, I just have it to help me sleep’
    6. ‘I need to drink every night because of my work social functions’
    7. ‘I never drink on a Monday’
    8. ‘I only drink more because I can work from home’
    9. ‘I don’t drink as much as others – everyone drinks more than the government guidelines’

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