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High Functioning Alcoholic

The term ‘High functioning Alcoholic’ is no longer being used to describe a person who is struggling with alcohol abuse while maintaining a relatively normal life. The new term being used is someone living with Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD in a move to destigmatise the disorder and encourage more people to seek help.

Healthline has published a list of criteria as detailed in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) which could identify those who struggle with AUD. These could include;

  • resolve to drink less or just have “two drinks,” but are never able to control alcohol use
  • continue to drink, even though it makes you feel anxious or depressed
  • spend a significant time outside of work drinking, buying alcohol, or recovering from drinking alcohol
  • have strong cravings to drink when not drinking
  • give up important responsibilities or activities you once enjoyed in order to get drunk instead
  • engage in dangerous activities while drinking, such as driving, swimming, or unprotected sex
  • develop a tolerance to alcohol so you have to drink more and more to feel drunk
  • experience withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t drinking. Examples include sweating, shaking, or feeling sick to your stomach.
  • have a desire to stop drinking, but feel like you can’t
  • feel that drinking negatively impacts your role at home, in the family, your job, or your schooling
  • continue to drink despite it causing problems between you and your family or friends

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